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Water but Make It "Spa"

Yes I'm still in my wanna be at a spa mood so I thought why not give you some of my favorite "spa" water recipes. Now you may be wondering why I know so much about spas. Well, while I have talked about going to Korean spas, for many years I went to the The Red Door Spa that was located in Union Square (sadly, it's permanently closed). I would go for the holidays, my birthday, or just to get my hair and nails done. I LOVED going! It felt like an oasis away from the city without the additional travel expenses. On those more special occasion days I would be there for 8+ hrs just getting treatment after treatment. 😭 Okay, back to the water.

At The Red Door they would have a variety of water options for clients, so let's just say I have 7+ years of water tasting experience to remember some of my faves. Especially since the spa closed I've been bringing that aspect of the spa experience home through infused waters. So passing these flavors to you, here are my top 7 water combos that I've taken from the spa to my own fridge... and some that are spa inspired.

  • Cucumber Mint

  • (Lemon) Ginger

  • Cranberry (Orange) Rosemary

  • Strawberry Basil (Lemon)

  • Mango Raspberry Ginger

  • Strawberry Cranberry Thyme

  • Jalapeño Lime Cucumber Mint

Instructions: Wash/cut all of your fruit/veggies, clap your herbs and you're ready to throw your ingredients into the infuser. For the Jalapeño, remove the seeds unless you want added heat.

Note: The () means that I take out the citrus (except for the lime) because I'm sensitive to most citrus.

Before you start making these be sure to pick up a water infuser pitcher so that your teeth or straw don't get blocked by a piece of fruit/leaf.

Tip: If you finish your pitcher in a day or 2 don't throw the infusion away. I've found that I can get 2-3 infusions out of 1 batch. Refill and keep pouring 🙌🏾

Now if you've read this whole thing and you're like "I'm too lazy to infuse my own" check out Sweet Reason for some soothing sparking CBD infused water and use code ANGELICA for 10%off!

If you have a favorite water combo comment it below💜

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