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My Manduka Picks + Discount Code

It's no secret that I've been using Manduka blocks since I first stepped in a yoga studio. What I have been keeping a secret is that I now have a code to get you 10% off your Manduka purchase. Before we get to the code I'd like to let you in on some of my favorite Manduka props!

*Keep reading until the end to grab your code!


This large, soft blanket feels like a light, weighted blanket that creates both a firm seat and a comforting savasana.


We use these at Form+Flow. These blocks are a FIRM source of support. You'll never feel like they're collapsing underneath you!

unBLOK, $24

These uniquely shaped blocks are made to fit in your hand, creating a grounding source of support without the "sharp" corners.

Recycled Foam Yoga Block, $n/a

At the time of writing this post, this block is sold out but I had to list my personal favorite block anyway! I own 4 of these!


These bolsters are soft on the outside, firm on the inside. This blissful mix provides the ideal support for any posture you try to use this bolster for.

That's it! Let this list be a starting point for you to explore Manduka's apparel, props, mats, and more. Okay, you've made it so far so here's your code!


This code gives you 10% off your purchase at! Happy shopping!

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