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WTHN Has My Back: Acupuncture & Cupping Experience

First thing's first. Acupuncture and cupping are not new methods of treatment! They've been around for centuries! Linked at the bottom of this post are a few sources for a bit more information on the history of acupuncture and cupping treatments.

Now that that's been said welcome to today's post all about my experiences at WTHN. WTHN is a flatiron haven, offering various acupuncture and cupping treatments for a variety of needs. Today I'll take you through the reason(s) why I chose to go to WTHN, my experiences there thus far, ending with why I ended up becoming a member. Let's dive in!

Why I Chose WTHN

Funnily enough I grew up (and still kinda am) terrified of needles. When I say terrified I mean as a child, multiple people had to hold me down just to administer a vaccination. Given my childhood, it's sort of funny that as an adult I've received acupuncture as a method of treatment several times without a tantrum. Normally I seek acupuncture as a form of treatment to help with constipation and back pain.

Recently my back pain has steadily come back so I knew it was time to get treated. While I was on the hunt to find an acupuncture studio I came across WTHN. Their space seemed welcoming, their price points are affordable (in comparison to other venues with similar offerings), and if you are like me, arriving earlier than 15 minutes, they still let you chill in the waiting area 😅

My Experiences Thus Far

Okay, the best way to detail the treatment experience is in bullet form, so let's change this up.

Booking An Appointment

  • Visit their "Acupuncture Studio" page and scroll to view menu options

  • Book an in-person session: if you're a first timer to WTHN there's an intro special

  • Select your professional: you can view each of their details here

  • Select your date and time

  • Enter your payment info and any notes: if you want cupping put it in the details section then they'll charge the additional fee post treatment

  • Pay then check the confirmation email to fill out your forms prior to your visit


  • Check in at the front desk: includes getting your temperature checked and going over the details of your visit

  • Wait in the waiting area: they have tea and water for you to sip while you wait for your professional to bring you to your room

  • Go over the details of your appointment with your professional

  • Choose you complimentary settings: option to turn on heated table, meditation (guided and non-guided available)

  • Let the treatment begin!

Angelica's Choices

  • Professional: Erika Gale Page, MSTOM, LAC

  • Treatment: Lower back pain with cupping added (I don't mention the menu name when I book)

  • Personal settings: Heated table on, non-guided mediation

  • Yes, masks are worn during treatment!

While I haven't been going to WTHN for long each treatment is a blissful experience where I literally fall asleep every time.

Why Did I Commit To A Membership?

As previously stated, I haven't been going to WTHN for a very long time but here are the reasons why I committed to a membership (6 month commitment required to join, $100 cancelation fee if done so before the 6 months):

  • Affordable: Currently the membership is $75/month. This covers 1 treatment. All additional treatments are $75 each.

  • Cupping is always complimentary with a membership.

  • I'm not going anywhere for a long period of time within the next 6 months so it works with my schedule.

  • The front desk staff are always kind and helpful!

  • They have extra masks at the front desk if you need one!

  • The tea is toasty and aids in the "put me to sleep" effect.

  • Erika is awesome and listens when you have a concern 🙌🏾 For example, during one of my sessions there was a cup that was so painful that I couldn't do it at full strength so we found a level that worked for me that day.

While this is all based on my personal experience, I believe that all of their professionals are great! WTHN has become my new go to acupuncture/cupping studio in NYC and I'm so glad to have found reduction in my back pain from WTHN💜

A bit more info:

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