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Angelica Marie Wilson

Content Creator + Editorial Writer = amwloves

amwloves combines my initials "amw" with the word "loves" to signify that whatever space I take up digitally will include my many loves under the umbrellas of beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and wellness.

The “media” portion of my life takes up two main forms: content creation and editorial writing.

Currently, I make occasional content for a range of brands in the fashion, beauty, and wellness space.

As for the writing portion of my life, my bylines are currently dispersed around the web via POPSUGAR, Well+Good, and 21Ninety.

If you'd like to know more about the brands that I've worked with on Instagram or in the editorial space, keep scrolling. Otherwise, feel free to learn about my Yoga Instructor life or UX design experience via the buttons below.

*Yes. I do know that I've lived many lives :)

Social (Media) Maven: About Me

Editorial: AP Buyline (The Associated Press)

Clips from my work with AP Buyline.

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio
Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Editorial: Best Products (HEARST)

Clips from my work with Best Products.

Editorial: Women's Health (HEARST)

Clips from my work with Women's Health.

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Editorial: The Output (Peloton)

Clips from my time at The Output.

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Editorial: EQX+ (Equinox)

Clips from my work with Equinox Media.
Exclusively available to EQX+ app members at this time.

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Editorial: Us Weekly (360 Media)

Clips from my work with Us Weekly.

Sample Coming Soon
Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Editorial: 21Ninety (Blavity)

Clips from my time at 21Ninety (Blavity).

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Editorial: Well+Good (Leaf Group)

Clips from my work with at Well+Good.

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Editorial: POPSUGAR (Vox)

Clips from my time at POPSUGAR (Vox).

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Content Creator: Collaborations

Here's a quick snapshot of some of the amazing brands I've worked with so far as a content creator.

Social (Media) Maven: Portfolio

Let's Connect

To send over a pitch - or invitation to an event - for potential editorial coverage please email:

For all other inquiries fill out the form below.

Thanks for submitting!

Social (Media) Maven: Contact
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