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Angelica's Codes 2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

Lately, I've been posting photos on Instagram with codes for you to save some $$$ As a person who also loves to save money, it's great to have codes but then it can feel frustrating to not know where you screenshot or texted yourself that code that you wanted to use.

So I've made this post where you can find all of my codes in one place! That way you don't have to look through your screenshots or my Instagram posts.

Just copy my code and click the name of each company to be taken to their website 🙌🏾

What do they do?

Rumbling meditation trainer where you can meditate with me and other amazing instructors. Variety in lengths of meditations, types of meditations, ability to journal in app and more.


Discount: $10 off your premium bundle

What do they do?

They make super soft yet durable towels that are biodegradable and don't use micro-plastics.

Code: Angelica20

Discount: 20% off your order

What do they do?

Create yoga apparel, mats, blocks, and other props that have been loved by teachers for years.


Discount: 10% off your purchase

What do they do?

An online yoga hub founded by Kino MacGregor, with classes and talks from teachers and speakers from around the globe, including me and my mini course "Tune In Series" 😊


Discount: 30 day free trial

What do they do?

Make super comfy underwear with unique themes. Some of their packs donate to charity.

Code: amwloves

Discount: at least 20% off your order

What do they do?

Provide well constructed styles for body types ranging from petite-tall & sizes 00-40. Their pieces range from athleisure to business to business casual to casual Friday!

Code: amwloves10

Discount: 10% off your purchase

What do they do?

You name it, they have it. This is your hub for fashion, accessories, household items, skincare, and MORE!


Discount: Up to an extra 5% off your order

There you have it! A list of places for you to save some $$$ with my codes 😊

If you have a favorite store that you know you can always get a code for, feel free to leave it in the comments 💜

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