Angelica Marie Wilson

Yoga Instructor

I've been guiding bodies through space for over a decade! At 15 years old I became a dance instructor for my local studio. At age 18 I was convinced by a friend to take a yoga class and fell in love with savasana. The feeling of rest after so much movement was euphoric. In 2016 I used my summer break from graduate school to obtain a 200HR teaching certification in order to share my love of movement. Over the years I've found movement to be my escape, second home, and source of comfort. Through teaching, I'm so grateful that I've become part of representation that I wish to see on and off the mat, to show that everyBODY can do yoga.

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Yoga Schedule

Wednesdays & Thursdays

In Studio Classes

  • Wednesday 6pm - vinyasa

  • Wednesday 7:15pm - Yin Nidra

  • Thursday 7pm - vinyasa


Yoga in Hudon Yards at Bella Abzug Park

  • Saturdays at 10am

  • Free 45 minute vinyasa class

  • Outdoors 

  • Bring your own yoga mat



  • Sundays at 12:15pm

  • 60 minute Yin yoga

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4:30pm and 6pm

Y7 Studio:
In Studio

Slow Burn at UES

Prerecorded Content


  • Pre-recorded meditations of various lengths 

  • Premium package includes device that vibrates with your practice

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Prerecorded Content


  • ​Tune In Series: 60 min combining yin, vinyasa, and meditation to create a space for you to explore an aspect of yourself

  • Move + Meditate: 60 min class (45 minutes vinyasa + 15 minutes Yoga Nidra)

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Prerecorded Content

Y7 Online

• Y7's Signature Classes + New Formats
• Prerecorded Classes
• Occasional live classes

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Featured in "7 Black Yoga Instructors to Inspire You to Flow Through Whatever’s Thrown Your Way"

By Rebecca Ravee Norris 
October 2020

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I'm a New York City based instructor teaching for the following companies.



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