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3 Ways to Work With Post Election Day Anxiety/Stress

It's the day after the election and we still don't know the final results. Ultimately it's out of our hands now. Meaning that we have done our part and we must wait for the results to come in. So in the process of waiting, instead of letting anxiety settle in try these 3 tips to bring yourself back from the worry spiral.


You can take this 2 ways:

1. Walk away from the Mobile Phone/Computer/TV and tap into non-electronic activities. Read a non-political book, cook/bake something, journal, meditate, drink water

2. Keep the Mobile Phone/Computer/TV on but steer clear of the politics. Watch home shopping, watch a comedy special for a laugh, play a mobile game, blast your favorite songs, online browse/online shop, watch non-political YouTube videos... you get the idea

Take Deep Breaths

A lot of times in stressful situations our breath can get caught in the top of the chest and throat. In times like these try to actively send your breath down to the floor of your pelvis as you inhale for a count 4 then exhale for a count of 4. These checks can be done anywhere anytime.

Notice How You're Talking to Yourself (On & Offline)

1. Online I'm seeing people post "Stess___". For example "Stress Knitting", "Stress Cooking" etc. Instead of unnecessarily adding stress to your existence by literally adding the word "stress" try just saying what you're doing in the moment.

2. Offline, notice if you're still talking about "should've" and "could've" when it comes to what you or someone else did. Begin to shift your thoughts into what can be done from here moving forward. Speak to yourself in "can" and "should". Make space for yourself and others to progress instead of dwelling in what has happened.

Now begin to put these into practice. We know that results will be coming but in the meantime it's important to make sure you're not going down an endless spiral.

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