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How to Keep Your Yoga Fresh!

Today's post is about keeping your yoga fresh for you so that you don't end up doing the same thing every time you step onto your mat! Now know that it's not necessarily about making your practice physically different every time. There are even styles of yoga where you technically do the same postures every practice.

So, how do you keep your yoga fresh? Here are 4 methods that have worked for me over the years that I'd like to offer up to you!

Take Class From More Than 1 Person

In the modern world we live in and especially in this time of virtual yoga classes being more widely available, we a have a world of teachers to choose from, so it's prime time to switch it up. Now does that mean I don't have my favorites? No, of course I do and I love taking their classes. But I also know that in order to keep my practice fresh for me I like to take classes from people I never had before. Pre-pandemic I would have to schedule in advance which studios I went to for various teachers but now, almost instantly I can find someone I've never taken class from before. Beyond studio's personal platforms there's also a plethora of IG Live and YouTube classes to choose from. Even the Nike app has free premium classes! I enjoy switching it up because I can learn a new posture and/or gain a new perspective from a different teacher. Taking a variety of classes from a variety of teachers allows for me to diversify my learning and my teaching 🙌🏾

Try More Than 1 Style of Yoga

Piggy backing off of that last point. TRY MORE THAN 1 FORM OF YOGA. (Yes there is more than one form of yoga.) Personally some of the practices I've taken include but are not limited to, vinyasa, traditional hot, ashtanga, yin, and forest yoga. Over the years while I call vinyasa home base I try to take different styles of classes. Sometimes it's in a different style of class where my body can find a new sensation, my mind can take a major shift, and/or I can find a new energetic shift. So I definitely advise you to change up what style of yoga you practice every once and a while. The slightly confusing thing is that different types of yoga can teach the same posture with different names so one thing you'll definitely gain is a broad yogic vocabulary 😅

Actually Try the Poses You Think You Can't Do

Oh Ego... what a pain in the a$$. When it comes to the more physical part of the practice we stunt our own growth by not trying postures we don't think we can do nor think we look good doing. At this point if you have some books, a belt and an old towel or regular yoga props, bring them to your mat and get playful with it. Especially practicing at home, take up your own space and try things out. You can do what the teacher does and if that doesn't work for you, start to add some props in see what feels better, then build from there. Whatever you do don't short change yourself by going "I can't do this one". Some shapes take 20 seconds others take 20 years and that's not an exaggeration. Push past your ego, stay safe, but push past your ego and try out some new/challenging postures!

Pick Up What Your Teacher Is Puttin' Down

You know that monologue teachers tend to give at the start of the class. Imma let you in on a secret. *whispers* They're setting the mood/foreshadowing/dropping some perspective. *whispers off* As someone who takes class pretty often, it can be easy to come to the mat with your own intention or perspective for class. But when you want to change things up, LISTEN TO WHAT THE TEACHER IS SAYING. This is not the time for in one ear out the other. I mean take in what they are saying, process it, bring it with you as you practice. Sometimes it might not vibe with you and when that happens then you have the task of asking yourself "why?" and exploring that. Keeping your yoga fresh for you can be just this. Taking in other perspectives and seeing what they can offer you and if they offer you nothing... then you learned that one wasn't for you 🙌🏾

4 ways to freshen up your practice down... and a million more to go! There are infinite ways to keep your practice fresh, so if you have a favorite way to freshen up you practice drop it in the comments 💜

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