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I Get Why People Like Apple Watches

After years of seeing smart watches from all corners of the tech-universe, I've finally joined in with the Apple Watch Series 6. Before we get all the way into this, let me kick this off with a short statement. If you barely use your phone (less than 2 hours a day) , you probably don't need a smart watch. But if you are someone that is always going everywhere even if "everywhere" is from your bedroom to your kitchen, then you might be interested in a smart watch. Today I'm going to lead you through why I got the apple watch, the features I added to it, how I use my watch, and how I feel about my purchase.

Let's dive in!

Why I Got My Apple Watch

Originally I wanted to get an Apple Watch to control music while I taught yoga classes and tell time. That was it! 😅

How I Customized My Apple Watch

I purchased the Apple Watch Nike Series 6, $399+ and did the following to make it just right for me:

  • Got the Nike Band so I could always customize the fit to my wrist

  • Got it in space grey so it could blend in with my wardrobe

  • Got the data plan so I could use my watch even without my phone nearby

  • Got the 44mm because I have a large wrist and it fits wonderfully

How I Use My Apple Watch

Funnily enough I haven't used my watch to play music in yoga class yet. I have used it to:

  • Use as a timer for cooking

  • To take with me instead of my phone to the downstairs laundry (I play games on it while I wait)

  • Pay for groceries

  • Pay for a train ride

  • Use for a grocery list

  • Quickly call someone without whipping out my phone

  • Track my sleep and quality of sleep

  • Wake me up because my arms gets the vibrations instead of my phone falling off my nightstand

  • Tell time

  • Play music while I walk

  • Check for a nearby bus

  • Play and pause my workouts

  • Use as a remote for my camera

  • Check the weather

  • Check my daily calendar

  • Play games

Am I Happy with My Purchase

Yes, 1000x yes! There are so many features this watch has that I haven't even mentioned. As someone who for a while thought "how would a smart watch be useful to me?" I've now become a member of the smart watch family!

Are you considering an Apple Watch? What would you use it for? 💜

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