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3 Ways to Remind Yourself to Drink Water!

Whether you are reading this in 2020 or sometime in the future, you probably still have trouble reminding yourself to drink water.

Personally, as someone who taught yoga all day, then would go to spin class followed by a dance class, my water intake was on point! I knew when to drink water because I needed to stay hydrated for all the activities I had for the day so reaching for a water bottle became second nature. Currently, in this time of physical distancing, I initially found myself forgetting to drink enough water. Some days I wouldn't remember to drink water until it was time for yoga.

This made me realize that I had to switch up my routine to include more water in my day to day. So here are 3 ways I got myself to drink more water.

Water Bottle on the Bedside Table

Having a water bottle by your beside is super useful. You can drink from it first thing in the morning and refill it just before bed. As you drink from it each day, you might find yourself finishing it first thing in the morning. If so, refill it right after you finish it, this also helps you get out of bed 🙌🏾

Tip: A water bottle is great for keeping your water fresh. Especially if you have pets, kids, or think dust might get into your water when you're not drinking it. Target has a great variety of bottles at various price points. Also, if you have a target card you always get 5% off your purchase.

Drink Water While You Cook/Or Order In

These days we all might be cooking more or ordering food. As you wait for water to boil try to drink a cup of water instead of just scrolling through your phone. If you're not cooking, the moment your food comes, take your food to the kitchen, grab a cup and drink water. After drinking one cup of water you might think to grab another cup of water to have with your meal. This way you'll drink 2 cups of water in a short time frame.

Drink Water Before Wine

If you like an adult beverage like I do, please know that it shouldn't be your only source of hydration. Sometimes we get really excited for "wine-time" yet we haven't had much water during the day. So before you grab the cork screw, grab some water. If you're drinking wine in your room with a screw-off top, guess what. YOU HAVE THE BEDSIDE WATER. Reach for it and drink before you "wine-down" with your favorite Netflix series. Also, know that this doesn't just apply to wine or adult beverages, it applies to every beverage, coffee, tea, smoothies, soda, you name it! Drink water before you drink anything that isn't water.

There you have it! 3 ways to pump some water into your system. Know that you don't have to do all 3 but I highly recommend having a water bottle by your bedside. If you choose to implement all 3 you'll surprise yourself with how much water you have in a day 😊

If you have other tips/tricks to get more water into your daily life feel free to comment it below!

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