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Yoga Teacher? Fitness Trainer? Don't Pay Full Price!

Prior to and through most of my 200hr yoga training I paid full price for all of my yogic essentials. It wasn't until a couple weeks before graduation that a fellow trainee told me about the discounts available to me post graduation! So I'm going to make this short and sweet:

If you're a Fitness Trainer/Yoga Instructor and you're paying full price at your favorite athleisure stores, this list is for you! Join your favorite store's program 🙌🏾

Sweaty Betty, 30%off, In-store & Online

Apply in store by peaking to an associate and having your certificate (a photo will do) on hand to show them so they can set up your account. To claim this discount virtually, send "proof of your position or qualification" to Once you've been approved and have an account with them the discount will be applied automatically at checkout.

Reebok, 25%off, In-store & Online

Click the "Apply Here" below to submit your application for the ReebokONE membership (free to join). You'll get an email notification once approved.

Note: Know that this discount won't apply for everything at Reebok so definitely check out the details of the program on their website.

Lululemon, 25%off, In-store & Online

You can apply in store by asking an associate about joining the "Sweat Collective" (have at least a photo of your certificate & your teaching schedule ready to show them) or online by clicking “Apply Here” below. Once you have your account set up you will gain access to a code that gets you 25% online as well.

Athleta, 30%off, In-store

You can apply in store by asking an associate about their "Fit Pro" program. Unfortunately there is no way to apply virtually but check out the link below for more info on what their program offers aside from an in store discount.

Note: There is no online discount for Fit Pros.

Manduka, 25%off, Online

Click the link below to submit your application (which will ask for proof of certification). Upon approval you'll have 25%off, no code necessary.

Alo, 25%off, In-store & Online

At this point you get it haha Apply in store with an associate asking to join their "Alo Pro Program" or click the link below to apply online. Similar to lulu, upon acceptance you'll be given a code which you can use for online check out.

There you have it! My list of stores offering discounts to Yoga Instructors and Fitness Trainers alike. If you have a favorite store that offer's a discount to "Fitness Professionals" feel free to leave it in the comments!

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