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Outfitted Like A Boss: Plus Size Fashion

It's such a satisfying feeling to see plus size fashion diversify in terms of style. Not every plus size person wants to dress like a potato sack 24/7 and I am one of those people! I do like the potato sack look on occasion but sometimes I just want to feel like the boss that I am. So today I'm listing out my OOTD (outfit of the day) that makes me feel like a total boss!

Here's the whole outfit from the inside out:


Brand: Third Love

Style: 24/7™ Classic T-Shirt Bra, $65

Color: Black

Size: 40G

Link: Click Here


Brand: Knixwear

Style: Cotton Modal Super Leakproof High Rise, $35

Color: Black

Size: XXL

Link: Click Here


Brand: Sheertex

Style: No-Sweat Shortie, $79

Color: Black

Size: 3X-Large

Link: Click Here


Style: Michelle Cupro Shirt Dress, $148

Color: Black

Size: L (22-24)

Link: Click Here


Style: Curve Reversible Quilted Trench Coat, $256

Color: Black/White

Size: 20

Link: Click Here


Brand: Otto & Ivy

Style: TILLY BOOT, $213

Color: Black/Gold

Size: 46

Link: Click Here

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