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Supporting a Large Chest in Motion

I've been moving all my life but my chest popped up at 15 and grew exponentially fast. There was a week where I was a B cup on Tuesday and by Friday I wore a D 😨 Having a 40G chest always in motion meant I always had to search for ways to support my chest so that it wouldn't hit my in the face. It happens! (At 15 in a dance class I did a barrel jump and my chest smacked my chin throwing off my balance for a tumble of a landing 😬) I have 11 years of moving with a large chest experience under my belt which equates to A LOT of sports bras put to the test (dozens failed).

Fortunately more and more options for larger chests are being created but it can still be difficult to find a useful bra when you're past a DD. Whether you're a dancer, HIIT lover, runner, or Yoga Instructor yourself here are my 6 favorite sports bras for Low/Medium & High Impact activities.

Low/Medium Impact (Yoga, Walking, Cycling, etc.)

This bra doesn't do anything for the shape of my chest but it is comfortable and durable. I own 2 and they are always in rotation. There is a strap at the top of the back that keeps the large straps in place (pictured), the V neck line that isn't too deep and the fabric is so soft but it doesn't hold onto moisture.

Girlfriend Collective: Paloma Bra

I OWN 6 OF THESE! The picture you see is me my 40Gs are fully covered and while this bra does have a racer-back it does not hurt my shoulders. They release new limited colors each season so you'll definitely find your fave. I wear these to yoga, cycling and even walking to the grocery store. They are so comfy and wick away moisture as well!

These bras sell out often so sign up to their newsletter to stay in the loop.

Pro-tip they are also sold on Nordstrom

High Impact (Running, HIIT, Dance, etc.)

No Wire

This is a great wireless option if you want coverage, comfort, and adjustability. This bra covers up to a G cup. Just to let you know while the support on this is great. If you're the type of person that does high activity 3+ times a week and you wash your bras frequently it will stretch out in about 3 months but even after it stretches out it is still good for lower impact sports/movement.

This is my current favorite wirefree high impact bra. I like how I can put it on overhead, place myself and be good to go for HOURS. I've jumped in this bra many times and it doesn't pull on my shoulders. The only thing about this bra that isn't so great is that I wear the largest size 3x. It is built smaller so if you're a 40G like me you'll be good to go but anything bigger might be a tighter fit.

Wire (Both of these also come in wireless on the same website)

This bra got me through high school. This was the first wire sports bra that worked for me. It held me in for gym, dance, and running up and down steps with minimal bounce. The only slight down side is that with frequent use the part where the strap meets the cup can sort of pop with in reducing the support for high impact activities. It still makes the list for being a great starting point and if you care about how your chest looks in a sports bra this will

give a T-shirt bra like shape to your chest.

As always, I tend to save the best for last.

This bra is an investment but it keeps you locked and loaded for anything. I personally use it for dance and HIIT classes. It doesn't stretch out and lasts years. Bounce does not exist, it will not hold onto sweat. It is comfortable and adjustable. You don't have to cross the straps at the back to feel secure.


There it is, a list to get you started on your sports bra journey. Let me know what your favorite sports bra is in the comments!

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