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Online Shopping: Helpers Guide

I've come to realize that a lot of people are still used to shopping in stores ๐Ÿ˜…

Due to my own needs I've always done a majority of my shopping online since I've had a laptop. Especially as the holidays approach it's best that we shop online. So with over a decade of experience as an online shopper I thought it would be helpful to share some must have items and tips for all of your online shopping needs. Including finding discounts, making returns, printing needs + more.

Must Have Supplies

  1. Packing Tape: You can grab these from Target, Staples, USPS. It's good to have these on hand for returns.

  2. Tape Measure: If you're buying clothing/jewelry/shoes online, a tape measure is your best friend. Having one on hand, you can always take fresh measurements so that you can compare them to the size chart.

  3. Printer: If you don't have one already get personal printer, you'll be able to print return labels whenever you need them.

  4. Postal Wrapping/Packaging Paper: Having this on hand is great for if you have to return something and there is that one pesky sticker that won't come off. You can cover it with packing paper so you don't have to worry about your return getting held up.


  1. Tape Over Your Return Labels: Whether your return label adheres by itself or not make sure to tape over it with clear packing tape. That way no matter what elements your package faces it will always say where it's going.

  2. Save Your Boxes: Even if you don't return anything save boxes buy deconstructing them and folding them flat. That way you can stack them on a shelf away from water or the floor incase of a flood. This way you can use those boxes for returns, sending gifts, and even groceries.

  3. Print at UPS, Staples, FedEx: Let's say your printer is broken or you are waiting for it to be delivered and you need to print something. You can go to UPS, Staples, or FedEx to print what you need.

  4. Memorize the details of the card you want to use for online shopping that way you're not fumbling for a card when you're ready to checkout and could potentially miss out on an item you really wanted.

  5. If you're cool with it, let Chrome save the card you want to use. This way you'll only have to memorize the security number.

  6. ShopPay & Paypal Checkout are your friend. They make checking out even more secure and quick.

  7. Check your credit card via it's app or website for online discounts that might not be available elsewhere.

  8. When in doubt buy 2 sizes and return the one that doesn't fit.

  9. Check out my blog with all of my discount codes. Click here!

  10. Check out my post on MAJOR ways to save shopping online. Click here!

There you go! A list of must haves & tips for online shopping!

If you have any tips/tricks lmk what they are ๐Ÿ’œ

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