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3 Ways to Save As You Shop

Let's all say it together! "No one likes paying full price all the time". Yes there are times when there are things we really want so we pay the full amount, but more often than not we search for a discount code. Then, if we don't find one we just use our card to pay for the purchase with out checking for any more ways to save.

Now while that's one way to go about things but let me offer up a few more options 😏

Auto-Search Engines

Auto-searches are one of my new favorite ways to save on some $$$. For example Honey & Rakuten are google chrome compatible. Meaning you can install them into chrome so when you land on a site it does one of 2 things.

  • Auto-pops up in the top right section of your screen to let you know about available coupons

  • Show an icon with the number of coupons it found for the site you're on

If neither of these happen you can also click on the icon to search for coupons while staying on the site you're on so you don't have to open a new window.


This one of my favorite ways to shop... CASHBACK! To make this a little easier here's a list of they ways in which I get cashback.

  • Cashback websites: Sites like Honey & Rakuten aren't just for coupons, the also give cashback. Rakuten gives cashback every quarter, telling you how much percent you'll get back from each site you shop. Honey will let you purchase through their pop up in the form of their "gift card" where you get several dollars off as opposed to using you card. (Tip: Cashback percentages go up around peak shopping periods aka the holidays, Memorial Day Weekend, Cyber Monday, etc.)

  • Credit/Debit Cards: Now, the key to this one is shopping within your means as best you can. This way, at the end of each week you can reimburse yourself from you bank account. This method is great for saving especially on the following cards:

    • Apple Card: Get up to 3% cashback on all purchases that you can then put towards your statement/Apple Cash.

    • American Express (Delta Edition): There are various Delta levels but this Amex is one of may favorite cards to use. They have cashback offers with a variety of stores and small businesses. For example they gave $10 cashback for shopping at the local grocery store up to 5x and $10 cashback for shopping small up to 10x. Best of all, each purchase you make turns into an amount of miles which you can use to pay for flights. I've redeemed miles in the past and nothing feels better than seeing your round trip flight come down to a fraction of what it used to be.

    • Discover: Discover cards give cashback on an incredibly wide range of stores which you can then redeem for a store gift card or apply the money to your statement OR deposit into your bank account so you actually get cash you can withdraw. They've even partnered with PayPal to give you cashback on all purchases when you use you Discover card through PayPal.

    • Target: As someone who lives walking distance from a Target this is essential. You get 5% cashback on all purchases (in-store & online). Plus when you use it in combination with your circle rewards app you can save even more with the deals from the app and the 5% off.

    • Venmo: Yes Venmo has a debit card. You can use this card when you shop (online & in-store) to take advantage of their cashback offers.

Shopping Email

Lastly is a method I've used to sort of create my own coupon search engine. I turned my childhood YahooMail account into my shopping email. Meaning anytime I see an opportunity to sign up for a mailing list I use that email. That way if I want to shop for something from a store I'm subscribed to, I just type it into the email and look for new/sometimes exclusive coupons 🙌🏾

There you go 3 ways so save as you shop. Especially with the holidays coming up save as much as you can while you shop!

P.S. If you need more discount codes in your collection I have some here 💜

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