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It's X-mas All the Time: My Fave Subscription Boxes

One of my favorite ways to treat myself is through shopping! Due to my specific needs, most of my shopping is done online. I prefer to online shop in 1 of 2 ways.

  1. Go online to get a specific item -> grab a discount code -> checkout

  2. Look through my email to see if there are major sales going on -> see a good sale -> grab the item -> apply the code -> checkout

Those 2 methods work great for me but there is a hidden 2.5 method that I like to use to keep the thrill of surprise alive. That method is subscription box shopping!

You might think of a subscription box as "you get a box with stuff that you don't know what it is and it comes to you" but that is only a small portion of it. With many boxes the options to customize your items and even add additional items can be available to you. In addition, there are boxes with small magazines, additional discounts at partnering stores, recipe access and so much more. Biggest plus of all is that it's a great way to try different brands you normally wouldn't go for and you can even get some travel sizes for on the go!

So today I'm taking you through 5 subscription boxes that I use/have used! Let's go!

Let's begin with my OG Ipsy. This was the first subscription box I ever tried. I used their Glam Bag subscription for over a year. Currently have 3 levels including Glam Bag Plus & Glam Bag Ultimate. They also have an add-ons shop AND an offers shop. You begin by setting your preferences in terms of types of hair, skin, products you want to try, brands, etc. Then you get a pouch with products every month. From my experience they have a wide selection of makeup and skincare items for a number of price points (think Ulta). For me the Glam Bag was the best because I could use one for my period products beauty products and another for personal items, then use any others for gifts. Overall it was a great value for a monthly subscription. If you're wondering why I stopped using Ipsy keep reading (or skip to Allure)!

Second we go to a box that I used for a couple months around the end of my Ipsy run, Birchbox. I heard so much about Birchbox that I had to try it. They have have one subscription box level but their shop is MUCH larger than Ipsy's. Their product types are more like Sephora to High End department store price points. Birchbox too is a great value when you look at the brands you have access to and it does come in a nice box that you can use for small gifts! If you're wondering why I stopped using Birchbox keep reading! haha

Thank you for being patient, we've made it to my current beauty box, Allure Beauty Box! The reason why I stopped using Ipsy & Birchbox was mainly due to my career shift. Once I left office life I felt like I wasn't in need of new makeup products so often and I was sticking closer to skincare products that I new worked for me. Luckily around that time came the announcement of Allure's subscription box and I'm loving it. All I did was sign up for the box (no quiz required) and I get a box of around 5 items every month. The pieces range from head to toe products to beauty tools. It also comes with a small pamphlet with descriptions on why each editor chose the piece and a discount code for beauty box shoppers. Recently Allure has amped up their box to include more pieces so I'm excited to see what's next. Yes, I have an annual membership so we're in this for the long run (or at least another year)!

Now getting into the LARGE boxes, first we have the box you've probably seen every tv personality have a code for, FabFitFun! In the most loving way I call this my Basic B!tch box. I've gotten products from shower speakers to blankets, backpacks to dresses, skincare to wallets and everything in between. I've even had pumpkin spice nail oil from them before. As an annual member, every season I get the option to customize 4 of the items that come in my box. I can also add items on as well as shop their seasonal edits early. Speaking of their edit sales, they include the option to donate to various charities so you can treat yourself and pass some goodness forward. Since these boxes take a minute to come after the customization period you most likely will forget it's coming and it will really be a surprise gift from you to you. Bonuses: There is a section of their site with discounts to their partners, a magazine with styling tips and recipes plus access to FFFTV which has videos ranging from workouts to home décor and more!

Causebox Whew! We've made it to the last box on the list and the newest subscription box that I've tried, Causebox. Causebox is focused more around supporting those who make the products for their box and are greener for the planet. Then even have a page dedicated to their impact. In their box the only beauty products I got were a face serum and muscle relaxing gel. I really like that, not getting to much beauty since I have Allure for that. Some of the other items I got include a waffle cotton robe, a grow your own basil plant, a wooden serving set, a Tease bottle, a cotton grocery shopping set, beeswax food wraps, and more! They too have their market to add on products. It was so hard to not just buy everything. So needless to say I'm definitely considering an annual membership!

There you go! 5 boxes that I've gone through to give myself presents year round!

If you have a favorite subscription box service, let me know what it is in the comments 💜

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