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Best Blankets For Yoga: No Wool & Tall People Approved

As someone that gets rashes when wearing most wool, it's a big gamble for me with most yoga blankets on whether or not I'll end up itchy all over. What adds to the gamble is finding a blanket that will cover my body. So to make your blanket search a little less difficult here are 3 Blankets that are 100% cotton and LARGE!

*At the time of publishing some of the color options are on wait-list but have options to add your email to the wait-list.

Manduka: Cotton Blanket (65" x 83"), $38.00

Beginning with the least expensive option, don't let the price fool you, this blanket has heft. It's not as heavy as a weighted blanket but you'll know this one is on you. I've used this blanket in studios past. Personally, I love it for Yin to roll up in tighter spaces where a bolster is too large or I wrap myself in 2 for savasana. That being said this blanket is large and so am I so I like to use 2 so that I can be covered under my legs and arms as well as over top. If you're not as extra as I am 1 will definitively be enough.

Note: Personally I don't mind this but every time I have used these wearing all black I end up with blanket fuzz on me so I lint roll post class.

Second we have another hefty blanket. At 2.7lbs it's not super heavy, not blowing in the wind but a blanket that can hold it's ground. Folded up, the elevation this blanket offers almost that of a slender "woven block" so you'll know that you're sitting on a slightly higher surface than your mat that won't slide around. While this blanket is the smallest on the list it's still a large enough size to make it!

Last comes a blanket that is actually on my wish-list. While this blanket comes in 3 colors, every time the color I want comes back in stock and I remember to go to the site, it's sold out! That being said it had to be on this list. It's the largest blanket yet and based on my previous experience with BYoga products, appears to be the most light weight and soft of the 3. I do appreciate the hefty/slightly more firm texture of the fist 2 blankets, but this BYoga blanket is one that can go from mat, to work station, to bed. When looking at the weave, it has a sturdy tightly woven weave with enough flexibility to prevent a ton of shedding. That being said I haven't physically owned this blanket but I hope to soon!

There you go 3 blankets for tall people and those of us who itch at the sound of the word wool!

If you have a favorite large/wool free blanket you love feel free to leave it in the comments 💜

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