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3 Reasons Why Washcloths Should Be in Your Home

Now I didn't know this until this year, but there are people who have access to the internet that have no idea what a washcloth is or how/when/why to use it. If you are one of those people, welcome to the world of washcloths. As someone who grew up with them and still uses them to this day I'd like to explain a few reasons why washcloths are a multifaceted essential.


First scenario that comes to mind is washing. Hence the "wash" in the washcloth. Yes, you can use wash clothes to wash your body but you can also use them on your face. Personally using a warm, clean washcloth to remove a wash off face mask with gentle swipes over the face.


Let's say you're in the kitchen and the pan handle is too hot to touch. Rather than dealing with a big bulky towel, just grab a washcloth, fold it in half and you have a pot holder. You can also use washcloths to wipe down surfaces so you don't have any unexpected visitors try to help you in the kitchen.

Working Out

Have you ever tried working out but a hand towel felt to large to quickly wipe your sweat? Have you ever wanted a small towel you could tuck under a bra strap or over the edge of pants without it feeling like too much fabric. Enter, the WASHCLOTH. It's absorbent so you can use it to wipe sweat without taking up too much space. Especially on the mat it's easier to have the towel at the top of your mat stay at the top of your mat while you have a small washcloth for quick sweat wiping between postures.

Now, these are but a few ways in which washcloths can be useful in your daily life but there are of course many more. If I've convinced you to get a washcloth but you don't know where to find one feel to CLICK HERE for the ones I usually grab at Target.

Tip: Have different color washcloths for your face & cleaning so that you know which laundry bin to put it in.

How do you like to use a washcloth? Let me know 💜

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