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Keeping My Scalp Fresh With Pattern Beauty's Scalp Serum

Now that I've ordered 2 more bottles of this serum, it's time to talk about why I'm loving Pattern Beauty's Scalp Serum!

As someone who sweats a lot and wears their hair in protective styles often, my scalp gets flaky FAST! Before this serum launched, I used a combination of products to soothe my scalp. While I still use those products from time to time I mainly use my Sunday II Sunday spray and this Pattern Beauty serum for daily upkeep. The spray refreshes my scalp, giving it a clean feeling, then I go in with this serum for that soothing relief.

My top 3 reasons for stocking up on this serum:

  • It's formulated with peppermint, rosemary & lavender oils which invigorate my scalp and calm the itch.

  • The nozzle on the bottle makes getting to my scalp under my twits and braids easy while keeping my styles intact.

  • It doesn't cause excess buildup nor does it drip all over my face. Just squeeze, tiny rub, and my scalp is instantly relieved.

I'm happy to say that Pattern Beauty's Scalp Serum has definitely earned a permanent place on my beauty shelf 🤎

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