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Treat Yourself: Fragrance

Welcome to a post where there will be no mention of Bath & Body Works on the list. While I'm grateful to them for beginning my fragrance journey they're not meant for this post. This list is about fragrances that are from some of the biggest names in fashion and fragrance. While these types of fragrances are usually a bit more $$$ I believe they are worth every penny!

Today we'll go through 5 of my all time favorite fine fragrances in no particular order (spoiler alert: the last one is my favorite)! As we go through these fragrances know that I'll be describing them in my own words as I am not a fragrance expert 😬

First comes a fragrance from one of my favorite designers. MOSCHINO's designs are always powerful and playful, so it's no surprise that their fragrances are the same. The scent profile of the TOY 2 is fruity and floral making for a great pick me up any time of year. Especially first thing in the morning it's easy to spot this bottle, pick it up and spray it wherever feels best.

Note: This toy fragrance is definitely my favorite packaging on the list!

BURBERRY: My Burberry, $74.00-$99.00

My Burberry screams corporate office fantasy! I may have watched 1 too many office based K-Dramas but this fragrance is what I imagine everyone wearing. Like you know when you wear a pair of shoes that clack as you walk down the hall with purpose. That's what this smells like! This is also a very "which yacht should I buy next" kind of scent. Truly this fragrance can transport you to wherever your imagination can take you. It's rooted, powerful, and lasts the test of time!

If Burberry was your day at the office, this is what you wear to cocktail hour. Yes a cliché is coming. It's the LBD (little black dress) of the fragrances on this list. Even if you weren't wearing this to an actual cocktail hour or evening celebration it smells nice to put this on before bed so that it can wrap you in a cozy burrito of fragrance.

Note: You don't to wear an uncomfortable dress that took you an hour to put on to enjoy this fragrance. Wear what makes you feel good!

And we're back to floral! This Eau de Parfum was a staple for me in college. When I wasn't getting it with my points at Sephora, I would usually buy the $29 travel size so I could always have it with me. Back to the scent, this isn't just a bunch of flowers that will stuff your nose. More like a waft of a floral scented pillow. It's a fragrance that you smell, but doesn't slap you in the face during a pillow fight!

CHANEL: N°5 L’EAU, $80.00-$135.00

Last is my FAVORITE FRAGRANCE! The floral notes are slightly sweet & crisp but still carries the velvety allure of Chanel's N°5 collection. Aside from the fragrance, this perfume also has sentimental value to me. I first purchased this fragrance after seeing the Radio City Rockettes for the 20th time in Dec '17 (I've seen the show every year since I was 5). I've always wanted to go to Saks 5th ave but always felt to intimidated to go inside. So after the show my mom said we should go to Saks. Upon walking in of course I ended up in the fragrance section and saw this perfume looking back at me. I've seen this online before but never thought I'd be able to own a bottle. My mom asked how much the perfume was and bought it for me on the spot. We even got it gift wrapped because it was beautiful wrapping and complimentary. At the time, she bought me the medium sized bottle and it didn't run out until April '18. Needless to say ever since that December day, I've been buying the largest bottle about twice a year with my own money. Even if I don't leave the house I'll still spray it on because the fragrance is wonderful, the bottle ICONIC, and it brings back a sweet memory of my mom and I at Saks (my dad was there to btw 😅). As previously stated, this is an investment but worth every penny!

There's your list to help get you going on you treat yourself journey in fragrance! As previously stated these aren't like Bath & Body Works fragrances, these can be more of a treat for yourself or if you're able to buy the largest size it's like a bi-annual investment in wearing a scent you love. Seriously, the big bottles LAST!

P.S. All of these are Sephora links for a couple of reasons:

  1. It's where I purchase my fragrance from.

  2. The Sephora return policy is great! If you don't like the fragrance outside of the store or if you're shipping it directly to your home you have 30 days to get a refund and 60 days for store credit. That way you can feel a bit better about dropping some $$$ on fragrance. 🙌🏾

If you have a favorite fragrance feel free to comment it below 💜

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