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Time to Scrub a Dub Dub Your Body

Does anyone else miss going to a spa? Whether you can't make it due to lock-down or you don't feel like shelling out $300 right now there are times when we just want a good scrub. Just like with exfoliating our faces every once and a while our bodies can feel great after some exfoliation too!

That being said, there are several ways to approach scrubbing your body so here are 3 of my favorite methods and products to use for a good Scrub a Dub Dub 😊

A Gel Scrub

First comes a product that you can use in place of an evening shower gel. A gel scrub is great to use when you want to end you day a little extra clean. A personal favorite of mine is Innisfree's Hydrating body gel scrub with green tea, $10.00. This gel is both cleansing and exfoliating. Meaning you'll clean your skin while scrubbing away excess dirt and dead skin that your regular shower gel might miss. It's a more gentle scrub than the rest on this list but still super effective.

An Exfoliating Towel

If you have ever set foot in a South Korean bathhouse (yes, they exist globally) then you know exactly what this is. Now while you might not be able to scrub like a trained professional you'll certainly get that extra scrub with an exfoliating towel. I use the Earth Therapeutics' Natural Exfoliating Hydro Towel, $4.99 mainly because I can find it at my local Target but it works really well. I don't use it too often because it literally takes the dead skin off but when I do whip it out I feel soooo smooth after.

Tip: Make sure you have steamed yourself in the shower for a bit or have had a hot bath prior to using so the skin comes off easier.

A Sugar Scrub

Lastly comes a method in the middle. A sugar scrub. Sugar scrubs are great for exfoliation. The sugar dissolves with water so your skin won't feel raw and most come in an oil/oil blend for some deep moisturization combined with aroma therapy. The one I've loved since I was a pre-teen is the Bath & Body Works' Eucalyptus Sugar Scrub, $16.50, After so much years of using Bath & Body Works there is one line that has my heart forever, the Eucalyptus line. The smell is that of an actual spa, the scrub is efficient, and when you pat yourself dry you feel so moisturized. Personally, I love using this when I've placed fresh sheets on my bed because for some reason it feels so satisfying sliding into bed extra clean with the scent of the oils.

There you have it! 3 ways I like to scrub at home when I can't get to a spa 🙌🏾

If you have any favorite at home scrubs, comment them below 💜

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