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Supporting A Large Bust Off The Mat

We've been through ways to support a large bust in motion but now what do we do off the mat. As a person with a (generally) 40G bust I'm very specific about the bras I wear. Just like when I'm on the mat, my bras need to be supportive and comfortable.

Rather than going through every bra I own here are my top 3 wired & wireless bras to get you started on a journey of support off the mat!

Wired Bras

A little different than usual. I'm starting with my favorite wired bra. I'd heard of Third Love a few times before I got to try them. Luckily, one day I was in SOHO and had some free time. So I walked into the store and asked to try some of their bras. This bra is the brand's best seller and I understand why. The straps are comfortable, the cups cover my chest without spillage, there is no wire poking, the shape of the cups are beautiful, and the band doesn't dig in!

I wear a 40G.

Size range: 30-48 & A-I (Including whole and half cup sizes)

Third Love: 24/7™ Lace Contour Plunge Bra, $76.00

Second for the wired team is another Third Love bra that I fell in love with on that same day. Now normally I avoid plunge bras because my chest tends to feel folded in opposite directions or tend to squish in the middle. I don't know how the designers did it but for me each breast fits in each cup perfectly, no poking from the wires at all, the lace doesn't cut my breast in half. Simply stylish and comfortable!

TBH: I want to wear this under a blazer with some high waist trouser one day.

I wear a 42F

Size range: 30-48 & AA-I (Including whole and half cup sizes)

Last, is the first T-shirt bra that made my chest feel supported and comfortable. The cups are wonderfully molded and the straps don't dig but I will say after about a year there is sort of a squeaky sound that comes from the wires (yes, we're supposed to change our bras every 6 months but that gets expensive 😅). Even with that one fault I still recommend this bra due to its support and comfort. Especially if you're not going to wear it everyday you should be good to go and squeak free for a while.

I wear a 38H.

Size range: 30D-42H

Wireless Bralettes

First on the list a great bralette that doubles as a crop top. The cups hold each breast in place naturally (not a ton of lift but there is still support) and the lace doesn't cut the breasts in half. I've worn this bralette to concerts and even jumped a little with no pain at all! A great plus is that Cosabella has a regular line and a curvy line. The curvy line caters to those who have a smaller rib cage than bust.

I wear the XL.

Size range: 28A-40H

Second is this stunning Uye Surana bralette. I own several pieces from this brand and each piece is so light, comfortable, supportive and sturdy. This Sadie bra is my favorite bralette from their line mainly because of the rings in the center and mesh details. Speaking about the rings specifically, they are not only fashionable but they also help to keep my breasts centered while doubling as sun glass holders!

I wear the 2xl/3xl.

Size range: 28A-42H

Notes: I want to mentioned that while the straps are on the thinner side they do not cut into the shoulders. Also if you end up really liking their pieces you can grab multiples in packs.

Last on the wireless list comes a bra from Cacique that has SUPPORT. There is a piece of fabric that frames the bottoms of the cups in a way where you almost have the support of a wired bra. The cups are smooth and once you place your chest in there, it's in there. Now I will say the band doesn't have a ton of stretch so make sure size your band with their size chart. Once you have your size you'll be good to go!

I wear a 40G.

Size range: 32A-46J

There you have it! 6 bras to take a look at that could help support your chest when you don't want to wear a sports bra 🙌🏾

If you have a bra you love feel free to comment it below 💜

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