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SUMMERFRIDAYS All Winter Long: Top 3 Review

Happy Sunday! I'm so thankful to have received several products from the SUMMERFRIDAYS team, so today I want to point out 3 products that stand out to me as new staples in my skin/body care routine. Let's dive in!

This product definitely surprised me. I've used a couple of gel cleansers in the past and they've left my face feeling dry, tight, and stripped. Since I got this as a gift I said "why not give it a try" and turns out this is joins the ranks of my favorite cleansers for the following reasons:

  • Doesn't leave my skin feeling dry

  • Smoothed the texture of my skin

  • Evened out my skin tone

  • I can use it for morning and evening cleansing

Needless to say, I'll be purchasing this once I run out of my current supply!

Receiving this in the winter was the best gift at the perfect time! Before trying this balm I was going through tubes of other lip treatments that needed to be applied and re-applied. My lips continuously absorbed all the moisture to the point where my lips felt dry after a couple of hours. Here are the reasons why this is in my top 3:

  • This balm coats my lips with moisture and Instagram-able shine

  • I only apply this twice a day using half a pea size amount each application

  • My lips haven't cracked, peeled, or felt anything but plump since using it.

If you have lips, you need this butter balm!

Rounding out the top 3 we have the first SUMMERFRIDAYS product I'd ever tried. This body moisturizer is works from the neck below to ~deliver~ hydration! The non-greasy, lightly fragranced formula dives right into my skin providing a sense of comfort in during this cold winter. Yes, I keep a tube by my bed so I can give my hands some love before I go to bed.

Now that we've reached the end of this top 3 list, let me know which of these you'd want to try adding to your skin/body care routine 💜

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