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Soothing an Itchy Scalp

As someone who sweats a lot but loves her protective styles I'm always looking for ways to sooth my itchy scalp. One of the things about having a protective style is that for the most part I like to postpone a full wash for as long as I can because my hair would take FOREVER to dry. Below are some of my favorite ways to do sooth my scalp without doing a full shampoo and why they made the list🙌🏾

The newest addition to my hair care wardrobe this spray does what it says it does. It refreshes my hair without irritation and dries clean leaving no weird color or residue.

This is my hair savior when I don't want to do a full wash but I want to flush any buildup off of my scalp. Also while this is not in the product description, my scalp feels soothed after I use it.

Once or twice a week I give my scalp a few drops of the tea tree eucalyptus version of this hair oil. It goes right into my head moisturizing any itchy spots while stimulating my scalp for healthy hair growth. Again this is is a personal claim but this oil accelerates my hair growth significantly. Like my hair grows about 4 inches long in 3 months with regular use.

There you go! 3 of my fave ways to sooth my scalp between washes!

If you have a favorite method to sooth your itchy scalp feel free to leave it in a comment 💜

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