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Satin Haircare: 3 of My Must-haves

If you have curls and you haven't used anything satin, then I'm gonna need for you to scroll down to the products below. Today's post is simply me sharing my top 3 favorite satin products that keep my hair fresh both in & out of protective styles.


This bonnet has been my go-to for a MINUTE and I am a happy customer. I have a large head (abt. 23/24 inch size in hats) so a lot of bonnets can feel too tight on my head or can't handle my braids. This bonnet is super comfortable holds my hair, doesn't leave any marks behind and is JUMBO. Even with midback braids there is plenty of room for more hair to fit!


The word "stretch" is there for a reason. So many wraps are stiff and feel difficult to shape and move. This wrap stretches and goes where you put it. I'm not an expert at hair wrapping a so if I can do it so can you!


Last are these satin scrunchies from pattern while the satin on these doesn't stretch it has elastic within it that does. I do have to say I've been putting these scrunchies through it taking them in and out throughout the day and I haven't broken them. They don't mess up my hair and add a bit of a dressy feel to an everyday outfit.

Now before you go what about a satin pillow case. Yes you can use one (I have one) but with the bonnet I wear I don't feel the need to have more than 1. (I got mine for free from Sephora as part of their rewards program.) However if satin is a mood for you then feel free to grab 1+ satin pillowcases.

There you go! My satin haircare must-haves of the moment!

If you have a favorite satin product, lmk what it is 💜

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