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Supporting My Other Flow: Period Underwear

We all know that I flow on the mat, but every so often I flow in a different kind of way. Ever since I got my IUD I rarely get periods but just because they're rare doesn't mean they don't happen. When the blood does decide to shed I make sure I have the appropriate gear ready to support me. At first period underwear can sound hard to maintain but let me tell you the initial investment is worth it. I've been using period underwear since 2017 and after nearly 4 years of using them I'm still a happy customer.

Today, I'm talking about my 2 favorite styles of period underwear, how I care for them, and how I pay for them, so that maybe (if you haven't already) you'll give them a try.

Favorite Styles

These are my favorite type of period underwear. They were also the first I have ever tried. I love the high waist fit, the side mesh keeps me cool while looking cool, and the best part is the bottom panel. I've tried period underwear that had too short of a panel underneath so I didn't feel fully protected but this pair always makes me feel secure. It's not super thick so I don't feel like I'm wearing a diaper and it covers from FRONT to BACK, so I'm definitely not afraid to sneeze or laugh in these. They hold up to 5 tampons worth of fluid!

These are the second style I fell for after some not so great products in between the pair above and these. These are an improved version of their leakproof underwear in that these actually cover me from front to back (not as much as the Thinx do but I still feel confident sneezing and laughing in these). They are made of a sweat wicking material that's great for exercise so I don't feel like I have to take them off midday if I do an afternoon workout. They hold up to 8 tampons worth of fluid!

How I Care for My Underwear

When I'm ready to take them off I run them under the strong setting of the shower nozzle with cold water and ring everything out until the water runs clear. After that I hang them to dry, once dry I put them in the laundry hamper. To wash them I use a mild detergent, no fabric softer in a delicates bag and wash on cold. Then I hang them to dry. These underwear should be replaced every couple of years depending on frequency of wear, so that's what I do. Now, these aren't cheap so let's go into how I get them.

How/When I Get Them

As you've read, the prices per pair aren't cheap. They are an investment. Luckily, now both brands have AfterPay so you can break up your payments over time. Both websites also have discount offers if you buy 3+ pair. Personally, especially after the first time using period underwear, I had a good idea on how many pair I would need for a cycle based on the tampon limits so when I bought my first set I was ready to make that investment. A great way I like to remember when I need to buy a new set is to put it down in may calendar (iCal of Gcal) when I started wearing my new set.

I know this detail varies depending on the person but personally, I've purchase 1 box of tampons since the summer of 2019. So for me investing in period underwear is 100% worth the amount of money I save!

There you go, all the info on how I support my other flow!

If you ever have questions on the period underwear experience feel free to let me know what they are 💜

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