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Introducing My Favorite Evening Cream: Joan Night Cream

Joan Kim is an influencer/YouTuber that I've been a fan of for several years. I've even had the pleasure of meeting her more than 3 times pre-2020. She's always incredibly honest about how she feels about products (beauty, fashion, cameras) so naturally when she first came out with her Day & Night Cream I really wanted to try it but I couldn't because the day cream contains citric acid* so I'd only be able to use half the jar.

*Citric Acid in topical skincare tends to irritate my skin so I avoid products that have it.

Luckily when she re-launched her day and night cream they came in 2 separate jars so I could finally try the night cream alone. In this post I'm going to tell you why I was hesitant to try it, how my skin responded to it, and how my skin feels after 2+ weeks of use. Let's dive in!

Why I Was Hesitant To Try It

Along with citric acid my skin also tends to get irritated by most products that contain fragrance. For some reason, when a product containing fragrance is made in South Korea my skin (more often than not) does not react. Knowing that this product was made in South Korea made me feel more confident that it wouldn't irritate my skin, so I bought it.

My Skin's Response

After getting it home I was ready to give it a 2 week test. I stripped my skincare routine back to only 3 steps. Cleanser, toner, moisturizer. This way I could make sure that if I experienced any irritation that it was coming from the cream.

After the first night I noticed that my skin was a bit red in certain areas but I expected that since I was trying a new product and my skin had been using the same moisturizer for a year. My skin takes a moment to get used to a product so I kept using it. Once the 3rd night went by I noticed 0 redness and an extra bounce to my cheeks that I normally need a serum to experience. By the end of week 1 I knew I loved this cream but I kept the 2 week test going to check on my skin's ongoing response.

2+ Weeks Later

Now that more than 2 weeks has gone by I'm excited to say that this is my favorite night cream yet! It is a gel cream formula that works well with my combo skin. Especially since it's winter, I'm impressed that I don't wake up with any dryness/tightness. The redness phase has passed. The scent is a calming lavender that gives me a mini-spa experience every night. My skin has officially and happily welcomed this moisturizer with open arms... I mean pores? 😅

Another bonus is that this product is refillable meaning you can buy a jar of the night cream then when you're running low you can buy the refill for $6 less!

If you' like to grab a jar or jar & refill you can use code JOANDAY30 for 30% OFF! Plus, no matter if you use the code or not you'll get FREE SHIPPING on any order above $30 on Neogen's website 🙌🏾

Do you have a night cream you love? Let me know what it is 💜

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