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House Shoes for Big Feet

As we all know, I'm not a small person. Even my feet are quite large (W14/M13). Having large feet, it can be challenging to find slippers/house shoes in my size that I actually like the look of. Today, I'm letting you know where I get my shoes so your feet can be cozy too!

Stay with me on this. I get my slippers from the "Men's" section of Uniqlo. I usually wear a woman 14/Men 13 and the XL men's slippers fit me so well. There are a variety of styles to choose from in an array of fabrics/colors and they all have a cushioned foot-bed. Uniqlo is first on the list because I currently own 4 pairs of slippers (listed below) from them so do with that information what you will 😅

I own:

Pile Striped Slippers, $14.90 (Pink)

I have 2 pairs of Crocs that I use around the apartment. Flip flops for the shower & clogs for cooking (styles I own listed below). The great thing about Crocs is that a large chunk of their shoes run in a wide range of sizes meaning even their patterns most of the time go up to a men's 13 if not 17. I wear a men's 13 and every pair of Crocs I've gotten last more than a season. Also if you're not familiar with the Crocs feel, they offer the feet is cushioned but sturdy support so if you're looking for a shoe to wear around the house that water can get on and don't slide on the floor then I definitely recommend grabbing a pair of Crocs!

I own:

Reminder: Look outside of your gender for clothes & shoes you'll expand your wardrobe 🙌🏾

Short, sweet, and cozy! There's my slippers and house shoes for ya! Since I already have mine feel free to grab as many as you want 😂

If you have any favorite to grab slippers for big feet let me know!

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