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Glazed Donut Evening Skincare Routine

Anyone else feel really dry lately? It could be the shift in weather or the dry heat in our homes but whatever the cause, it always feels great to get into a through skincare routine to remove the week and pump in the hydration.

So this evening let's look at one of my favorite weekly evening routines for keeping my skin plump and feeling like a glazed donut afterward. Applying each step even a bit meditative. As I always say, you don't necessarily have to use what I do but the steps are what matter more:

*Reminder: I have sensitive, combo skin.

Double Cleanse: Get the day off your face

Exfoliate: Get the week out of your pores/lips

Tone: Prep the skin for treatment

Wash Off Mask: Add Antioxidants

Sheet Mask: Add Intense Hydration

Moisturizer: Seal in all the good work

There you have one of my favorite routines for some intense hydration. If you have a go to product for a hydrating evening routine let me know what it is 💜

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