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3 Favorite Types of Cozy Clothing Items

It’s getting colder 🥶 The colder it gets the more we can dip into our cozy clothes wardrobe. Personally as a plus size person it can be difficult to find cozy items that don’t cut off my circulation. So below I’m listing 3 of my favorite types of cozy clothes/accessories that come in a range of sizes and stretchy fabrics so hopefully you can find something cozy for you 🙌🏾 Oversized Crew Sweaters/Hoodies

One of my favorite things about colder weather is the opportunity to wear oversized sweaters. Being a large person myself it can feel like a real hunt trying to find an oversized sweaters. Here are a few stores with size ranges so broad it‘s easier to size up in a cozy sweater/hoodie: Big Bud Press, Universal Standard, Girlfriend Collective

Crew Socks

It‘s no surprise that crew socks are an all year staple for me. Tucking leggings of all kinds into cozy crew socks is a must as the weather gets chilly. Here are a few places that sell my favorite comfy cozy crew socks: Ireneisgood, MeUndies, Supreme

Leg Warmers

Last on the list are what make cozy season cozy. LEG WARMERS. It might be my dancing side that started this love but over the years once it’s cold enough for leg warmers I run on coffee, water, and hot chocolate. The best feeling is wearing leg warmers over the of the heels of your feet as you lounge under a warm blanket. Here are a few of my favorite places to shop for leg warmers: Uniqlo, Sock Dreams, Fabletics

There you go! 3 of my favorite ways to stay cozy in the colder weather 🖤

If you have a favorite cozy clothing item, let me know what it is in the comments 💜

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