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Big & Tall Towels

Okay, this post may seem out of the blue if you've never had this problem but for a significant amount people (including me) it is. Finding a towel that actually covers my body is not as simple as picking up a random towel from the store. There have been one to many times where I've had to squeeze my boobs together and pinch the side of my towel so my crotch wouldn't show so I set on a quest to find a towel for me.

So today, I'd like to share 3 towels that I currently own/use that actually cover my body!

First comes a great towel for body & hair! I found this towel after putting one of BYoga's Mats in my cart. The reason why I love using it for my body and hair is because of the waffle fabric. It's 100% cotton with a waffle texture but it feels like a cotton shirt. Meaning it won't be rough on your hair or body. Especially for summer, it's a lightweight towel that dries you off in style!

I've owned this towel for 2 years and it's still blue after weekly washes! This is a blanket towel, a substantial towel. This towel is the towel you wrap on yourself after a shower then sit on your bed in while staring at the TV before getting dressed. While this towel is double c thicc, it also dries off pretty quickly. I hang mine up and it doesn't drip water everywhere. The moisture it absorbs evaporates pretty quickly.

Lastly, in case it wasn't obvious, these towels are my personal favorite on this list 😊

Lastly comes the softest towel and newest to my collection! Yes FaceSoft has face towels but they also have a body towel which in fact covers my body! Just like their face towels, their body towel is also super soft and ABSORBENT. Like a 2 pat and you're dry kind of absorbent. While this is the "shortest" towel on the list, it provides enough coverage and absorbency to make the list. Also I will have to try it out for myself but I think that this towel would be great to put on the sweatier spots of a yoga mat to absorb that extra sweat. Lmk if you want that kind of a follow up in the comments 🤔

There you have it! 3 towels to help dry your WHOLE body 🙌🏾

If you have a towel you love, link it in the comments 💜

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