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Avoid the Ash as the Seasons Change

The breeze in the air means it's time for an update on how we moisturize our bodies. Avoid the dry, cracked, itchy, ashy skin by finding the right lotion for you NOW. As someone who has had to avoid the ash all her life, I've gone through my fair share of "moisturizing" lotions.

So today I passing along 6 of my favorite body moisturizers with a few words on why each product made the list! *picks of the products below*

The newest to my collection, this body cream moisturizes my skin without feeling greasy. While it is yellow, it blends into my skin without altering my natural skin tone. Also the banana coconut scent is light and doesn't fight any fragrance I'm wearing.

This is my OG - got my back moisturizer. Depending on the weather/how much I've sweat and showered during the day, my skin can get really dry. This moisturizer has always come to the rescue to nourish my skin so it had to make the list. Especially when the weather gets incredibly cold and dry Gold Bond products always come to the rescue. (No I'm not sponsored by them, just a genuinely happy customer.)

This lotion is light enough to glide on but effective enough to nourish my skin. The scent is a refreshing and light floral (doesn't fight with a fragrance I already wear.) TBH the whole camellia body/hair collection from Innisfree is super moisturizing.

Okay, this is one of those treat yourself items for sure but I love it so on the list it goes. Now let me start off by saying that this is literally coco butter and essential oils so there will be a little bit of a slick texture to it. So if that's not your thing this is not for you. For me I like using this on my really dry areas especially my elbows, knees, & heels before bed so I don't tear my sheets. (You think I'm joking but it's happened.) Aside from the product itself I also love the experience of using it. The linen cloth & bamboo container it comes in makes it feel like a real treat.

This too has coco butter but it's less slick than the one above. It goes deep into my skin to keep me moisturized all day (and night if I forget to shower). It's also one of the earliest body lotions I ever remember using and it's still one I put in rotation.

This lotion made the list because it is the body lotion that got me through high school and I still throw it in rotation. As the label on the bottle states, it's not greasy, so don't be alarmed. This lotion also contains coco butter, which my skin loves to drink in. Also if you're looking for a great value this is the one for you!

There you have it! A list of products to keep yourself moisturized year-round!

If you have a favorite that's not on this list, comment it below 💜

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