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Nailed it! 3 Tips to Gain & Maintain Strong Nails

As someone who's always planting my hands into a mat, washing dishes, and banging into random objects I've put my nails through it. In years past, my nails have peeled, bent, and broken off. With nails that can quickly go from strong to brittle, there are 3 things that I've learned to incorporate into my routine to have nails that can hold up to the elements.

1. Cuticle Oil

This is my favorite part of getting a manicure. The soothing feeling of cuticle oil on my nails beds is something that I give my hands twice a day at home (when I remember 😬). Over the years, after different recommendations, below are 2 oils I tend to gravitate to. Both are effective at moisturizing my cuticles. The main difference for me is the application process. The CND oil uses a nail polish brush to glide the product on while the Cuccio Naturalé has a dropper.

2. Hand/Cuticle Cream

Just like a plants roots need watering, our cuticles must be taken care of. When using the oil on your cuticles, it isn't just morning/night done for the day. Especially during this time when hand washing has had a significant uptick, we're using cleaning supplies more frequently, and the dish soap is getting on our nails because we forgot to or don't want to buy dish washing gloves, we need to continuously moisturize our hands. The interesting thing is that a lot of hand creams don't care for our cuticles as much as they should. So below I've linked my favorite hand cream from Innisfree that moisturizes hands AND cuticles.

3. Collagen

Lastly is something I honestly didn't think would work but alas I've been proven wrong (at least in my personal experience). I've used to see those collagen supplements that claim to strengthen nails as gimmicks but since trying it myself, I've actually seen an improvement in my nails. I've linked below the Teami collagen that I'm currently on my second jar of that I take daily or every other day. After about 2 weeks I saw my nails weren't peeling as much as they used to then after a month and a half I realized my nails have grown the longest they've been in a while. Huge plus my nails were still strong and not peeling after a gel manicure. If you'd like to try out Teami's Collagen you can use code AMWLOVES169 for $15 off your order of $50+!

There you go 3 tips to help your nails withstand whatever else 2020 can throw!

If you have any nail secrets feel free to comment them below 💜

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