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Yoga Poses for Daily Life: Problem Solutions

Before you go grab a mat know that these poses don't have to be done with all of the yoga gear in the world. You don't even have to be home/in a studio! Everyday we're faced with issues that need fixing. While yoga may not be able to solve ever problem that pops up, there some instances where it does the trick!

Here's a list of 4 yoga poses I've found myself do in daily life and the scenarios in which I use them:

Figure 4 Chair

  • Tying my shoes with no chair available

  • Quick hip stretch between grocery store trips/walking

  • Releasing a little pressure from the outer edges of my knees

High Lunge

  • "Discreetly" removing a wedgie while walking

  • Quick stretch for the front side of my hips before a long walk

  • Taking longer strides while walking from point A to B

Half Gomukhasana Arms

  • Scratching that itch on your back

  • Fixing a twisted bra strap

  • Add a lean to one side for a gentle side body stretch after sitting for too long

Forward Fold

  • Releasing tension in low back while cooking/walking

  • Tying shoes with an added hamstring stretch

  • Letting the head & arms release when standing for too long

There you have it! Some poses to incorporate into your life for those daily struggles!

If you have a favorite daily pose. Leave it in the comments below 💜

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