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When Do I Use A Yoga Prop? Bolsters, Blocks, Blankets & More

Blocks, Blankets, Bolsters oh my! There are many ways to support our practice and it can get confusing to figure out when to use what where. Even after years of practice it only takes on cue from one class to add or change how you incorporate props into your flow.

Keeping the focus on bolsters, blocks, blankets, and straps. Today I'm offering up 5 "scenarios" per prop in which you might want to reach for each of those props.


  • When you need a seat that isn't too high

  • Something to tuck under your knees when kneeling or in child's pose

  • Add some cushion under your heels, shoulders, neck when laying down

  • Cover you body in warmth for a resting shape

  • Add a folded blanket for extra weight on top of any body part for a sense of being held


  • When you'd like to bring the ground closer to you

  • Giving your feet/hips a lift from the ground (ex: forward fold, bridge etc.)

  • Between the thighs for a sense of stability (ex: table, chair, down dog etc.)

  • Place under the chest, forehead, thighs for firm support

  • Place under the palms to help then find a firmer connection to the ground (ex: down dog, forward fold, handstand etc.)


  • If the class says "restorative, yin, or meditation" 💯

  • When you want a cushion beneath your knees/shins/back

  • Adding soft sturdy support beneath the hips (ex: frog, split, half pigeon & more)

  • When you'd like to have a soft supportive landing pad (ex: crow, eka pada koundinyasana variations, side crow etc.)

  • When you lower your torso down but not all the way down (ex: restorative forward fold, half pigeon, half frog, badhakonasana etc.)


  • When you need to reach for your foot/shin but it's far away (ex: hamstring stretch, dhanurasana, Uttita variations etc.)

  • Need help keeping a block between your thighs by wrapping the strap around your thighs

  • Secure your chest so it doesn't choke your chin in inversions (ex: down dog, head stand, shoulder stand etc.)

  • Helps to keep your arms in place (ex: crow, forearm stand, chaturanga etc.)

  • Wrap the strap around you from the soles of your feet to your back in a boat pose to help you find balance

This is by no means a finite list. There are so many more areas of your practice where you might want to reach for a prop. Also, you might reach for a prop to then realize you don't want to use it anymore. Use this list as a starting point, then get playful!

Now you have some things to keep in mind for when you might want to bring some props with you onto the mat! Notice how we didn't even go over any combinations of props today. That will come later this month 🙌🏾

If you want to use the exact props I use, you find that list by clicking here.

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