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Time to Get Lit... With Candles

They are not just for romance, candles are for everything! From candlelit yoga, to some ambiance while you watch YouTube candles are great for every occasion.

Today we’ll go through 3 reasons why I love candles including where I usually get mine🕯

The Flame

It could be because I’m a fire sign but I’ve always found something fascinating about fire. Ever since I was a kid I’ve been drawn to fire. Whether it was in science class, cooking, or going to the track to look at jet cars, I’ve always loved the look of a flame. Especially a bright blue flame! Even though a super big jet flame isn’t the safest thing to have in the average apartment, a candle still brings the lively light to where you are. For me it’s sort of comforting to watch a candle burn!

Note: Yes flameless candles are a thing but they do not come close to the beauty of a real flame. Some brands claim you can’t tell the difference but as someone who LOVES a real flame, I can tell.


Candlelight is the best light to lounge in! If you want to read something off of paper then I definitely recommend a brighter light but for just hanging out in your room candlelight wins. The projection of a dim flickering light on the walls is the literal definition of #MOOD. This is probably the reason why I can go through a candle pretty quickly. If I’m home I’ll burn a candle and won’t blow it out until it’s time for bed. To be honest if it wasn’t for the fear that I could burn my room down in my sleep I’d sleep with candlelight too. I just want the ambiance for as long as I can get it!

Note: Again, yes I could get flames candles but it’s not the same 😅


Last but not least I love how a candle can fill a space with fragrance. I know what you’re thinking but no, lavnder is not my favorite frangrance. It’s actually one of my least favorite scents. I prefer warm desset like scents like the pictured Brown Sugar Chestnut Candle By Chesapeake Bay Candle or fruity cocktail scents. Warmer scents are great for creating that cozy end of day comforting environment while the more fruity scents are great for a morning pick me up and help me keep my energy up during the day.

Note: Oddly enough, I get a majority of my candles from Target. They have a wide variety of candles in terms of size, frangrances and price points. Target also has a bunch of candle accessories, lighters and flames candles.

I do have to admit that I live within walking distance from a Target so it’s incredibly convenient for me to get candles from them.

There you have it. 3 main reasons why candles light up my life!

If you have a favorite candle or favorite place to grab candles leave them in the comments below 💜

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