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The (Bike) Short of It

It's Fashion Friday and we're talking about an item of clothing that has saved my thighs from burning for many years... BIKE SHORTS! Since the weather is HOT we're starting to alternate between leggings and shorts more often. Even though today we're talking to activewear shorts, know that you can fold these into your regular wardrobe as well 🙌🏾

As someone that is tall and plus sized I always gravitate toward's high waist bike shorts as a fashion item in the summer, as they save my thighs under a dress or are just part of the fit. So I'd like to share with you a few of my favorite bike shorts of all time!

These are definitely the softest shorts on this list. The Align fabric truly feels like a second skin but can also handle all of the thigh rubbing! The super high rise is my favorite rise that lulu makes because my waist feels held by the fabric all the way around. Align is also super breathable so I usually wear these when I know I'm going to be sweating for long periods of time.

Notes: These come in sizes 0-14. I usually wear a 12 in the Align collection. There is one pocket in the back above the logo.

These shorts are everything! They're high rise, smooth to the touch, and the bottom of the legs don't cut my thighs in half either. Best of all, they STRETCH! Not in a way that leaves you worried about them bagging but in a way where you know they'll fit your body as it is in the moment. These are great to wear for a fitness class but really practical for an everyday outfit since they HAVE POCKETS 🙌🏾

Notes: They come in sizes 00 (4XS)-40 (4XL). I wear the 18-20(M). They have the slightest sheen in the light but I still love these shorts.

I currently own 2 pairs of these shorts (soon to be 3). At first they feel a bit snug but after a couple of hours they begin to conform to your body. These high rise shorts come in a variety of colors and sizes (XXS-6XL) so hopefully you'll find the pair that speaks to you!

Notes/Fun Fact: That's me in the photo wearing an XL. There's a small pocket in the back. Since these shorts are made from recycled water bottles they do give off a slight sheen but not in a 80s short type of way.

Thus concludes our SHORT trip through an item worth having on and off the mat!

If you have shorts that you swear by, let me know in the comments 💜

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