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Take Your Water With You

As someone who's regularly on the go I need a water bottle in my bag AT ALL TIMES! Aside from reusing glass bottles at home, when I'm on the go I need more water. Therefore larger bottles.

Today I'm sharing with you my favorite containers for taking water with me, listing a few reasons why I use each one!

Stojo, $12.00 - $25.00 (8oz - 20oz)

  • Cups and bottles are collapsible

  • Good for hot and cold liquid

  • Cup can take any ice cubes

  • Bottles can take smaller ice cubes/ice wedges

Hydroflask, $29.95 - $64.95 (12oz - 64oz)

  • They have a bottle for everything (incl. wine, beer, food etc.)

  • 64oz is great for hot yoga days

  • Water stays cold all day

  • Can take any size ice cube

  • Not just for visco girls

  • Have variety of caps for sale so you can find what suites your mouth

Swell, $25.00 - $75.00 (9oz - 64oz)

  • Water stays cold all day

  • 64oz is great for hot yoga days

  • Less likely to splash yourself with water due to the smaller opening

  • Smaller ice cubes welcome

  • Comfortable fit in the hand, even the larger bottles

  • They have a bottle for everything (incl. Eats, Swell, S'ip collections)

Tease, $39.00 (12oz)

  • Great for infused waters

  • Screw on lid means no leakage

  • Handles hot & cold beverages

  • Comes with sleeve cover

  • Double walled

  • Good for all sized ice cubes

There you go! Some of my favorite water bottles that you can also use for when you're on the go!

If your fave bottle didn't make the list, let me know what it is in the comments 💜


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