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Sneakers for All Occasions: Especially for Big Feet

As someone that is on their feet most of the day, I love comfy shoes! There are many types of shoes on the market but sneakers deserve more love. They can be a fashionable swap for any other type of shoe. If you're looking for comfort know that there is a sneaker for you, no matter your shoe size!

Personally, since I was young I've always worn sneakers from the men's section. I've always had big and slightly wide feet so men's shoes always felt better. Now as an adult that wears a size 13 men's shoe, I'm so glad that over the years, colors and styles have expanded among many big brands. That means MORE SHOES FOR ME! 😁

Today we'll look at 3 shoes in my wardrobe that are fashionable, functional and most importantly, COMFORTABLE!

These shoes have been put to USE* since they came out of the box. The double loops allow for these shoes to slide on my foot quickly and with ease. The open sections of these Instapumps are perfect for ventilation and adding a bright colored sock for even more color. Surprisingly, even though these shoes are big and bold, they are incredibly light so they don't weigh my feet down!

*Yes, these are the shoes I grocery shop in!

Let me begin by saying, I AM IN LOVE WITH THESE SHOES! Back to my point about having large feet and wearing men's sneakers, I've RARELY had sneakers with flowers on them. So when I saw these AND saw that they came in my size, I bought them immediately. Once I got them home, I was shocked at how comfortable they were and was surprised to feel so much support in the heel. The heels of these sneakers have a subtle bounce to them that help you MOVE. Based on design, comfort, and color, it's safe to say that these are my current favorite pair of sneakers!

Converse: Chuck Taylor All Star, $55

Lastly, I had to include the legendary CONVERSE All Star! If you've never owned a pair of these sneakers, I need you to get a pair as soon as you can... please! These shoes go with EVERYTHING! I know that sounds dramatic but seriously these sneakers are one of the most versatile shoes on the market. As a former emo kid, I cannot tell you how many pairs of these I've owned over the years in a number of colors. These shoes don't come in one colorway so take a look at these shoes and you might find a pair that speak to you. Converse are always comfortable, versatile, and customizable!

There you have it! 3 shoes to get you started and maybe 3 tabs open to start browsing for some comfortable and versatile footwear 🙌🏾

Reminder: Look outside of your assigned gender for clothes, shoes, and accessories! Expand your possibilities!

If you have a favorite pair of sneakers feel free to comment them below 💜

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