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Skincare For When You Don't Want To Care: Top 3 Products That Can Be Used Day and Night

We've all been there. Hitting a wall where we just want to pare down our routine to just a few products so we're not scrambling for the PM cleanser or the AM toner. Personally, I have pretty solid AM & PM routines with different products in each, but today I'm sharing my top 3 skincare products that work great for day or night.

Reminder: I have sensitive combination skin so my picks are also based on my skin type

Before I even touch this one I must say that this is best for day and night if you don't wear make up. If you do wear make-up a double cleanse (oil base cleanser then foaming cleanser) is best so you get everything out of your skin. You can find my fave double cleanse here.

Okay, on to the cleanser I've been using day and night. This gentle Summer Fridays cleanser has evened out the texture of my skin in only a couple of weeks. Every time I use it to cleanse my skin doesn't feel stripped afterwards.

How I use this cleanser: I place 4 pumps in on hand then apply the product on to dry skin in circular motions. Next, I wet my hands and continue working the cleanser in, in circular motions. Lastly, I rinse with warm (not hot, not cold) water.

Especially in the colder months Cream Skin definitely gets used day & night. Cream Skin's light, liquid formula goes right into the skin to deliver just enough moisture to the point where you can choose to add a more dense moisturizer in the evening.

How I use this product: Cup your palm and shake about a quarter sized amount into your palm. Dip each cheek, forehead and chin product. Work around face in circular motions. Finish with a little pat pat.

Lastly comes a product that has transformed my lips. I haven't had to exfoliate my lips in weeks because they're so soft. No flakes, no tightness, and no it doesn't feel goopy under my mask. This Butter Balm leaves my lips feeling more and more supple with every use.

How I use this balm: Unscrew the cap and lightly press the tube to get "half a pea" size amount on a fingertip or lip brush. A little goes a long way!

Now, I'm still an advocate for having separate day and evening routines but if you want to throw these in to your routine for day & night use by all means be my guest.

If you have a skincare product you use day and night, let me know what it is 💜

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