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Shower Caps that Can Hold Hair

As someone who likes to wear my hair in a variety of styles, I like to make sure my hair is protected from showers and hot tubs. Going through life as someone that has a larger head adding hair only makes it harder for me to find shower caps that fit both my hair and my head.

So today, here are 3 shower caps that fit!

I love that these come in a set of 3 so if one was used for a deep condition it has time to dry because you have 2 more to put into rotation.

This is the cap from my insta post! It fits ALL my hair and especially when it's in its curly state, my hair doesn't get smushed down.

This cap is the least expensive on the list and it still does the job. I usually twist my hair around my hand then gently tuck it into this cap.

There you go! Short, sweet, and dry!

If you have a favorite shower cap feel free to lmk! 💜

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