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Top "5" Podcasts of 2020

Nowadays it feels like podcasts are popping up left and right. I'm not surprised why haha

Some podcasts feel like you're listening in on a conversation that you don't have to participate in but you can gather all the tea. Other's come in the form of live reading's so you can listen to your favorite fairytales without having to watch anything.

While typing, podcasts are perfect for me because I'm the type of person that prefers to listen to something. If I listen to music I'll start lip syncing, so podcasts are better because I can listen without knowing or needing to know what's going to be said next.

Today, instead of telling you ALL of the podcasts I listen to, here are my top "5":

K-pop/Hallyu/ Life's Situations related

A Slice of Laife

Lai talks about "Laife" including subjects that touch on Hallyu/K-pop as well as everyday life situations. As a fan of K-pop I can easily relate to some of the topics. As for the other topics it just feels like I'm gaining a new perspective on a situation from having a conversation.

Dive Studios Podcasts (Get Real, K-pop Daebak, How Did I Get Here? & More)

This is where the "5" comes in. I honestly listen to and enjoy all of the podcasts Dive Studios puts out. People involved in K-pop/Hallyu talk about life. Some podcasts like "Get Real" talk about everyday life subjects while podcasts like "K-pop Daebak" catches up with English speaking K-pop idols talking about life before and during being an entertainer. Whether you're a K-pop fan or not once you start listening to a Dive Studios podcast you'll get hooked. It's such easy listening with a lot of laughs. (Unless it's a more serious subject 👀)

Note: I've linked the YouTube channel incase you prefer to watch your podcasts and the website so you can find more detailed descriptions of each show and their corresponding Apple/Spotify links!

Audio Tales

Lore of the Loch

This podcast is in more of an audio fairytale series. Each week The ANY Collective tells a folktale from The Orkney Islands in Scotland. It's sort of like listening to a PBS show which makes it feel very nostalgic. Don't worry you don't have to be a child to enjoy these tales. Instead it brings out your inner child as you listen to the actors bring the energy of these tales to life!

Life and Life's situations Related (Non- K-pop/Hallyu)

We Said What We Said

If you don't follow Ricky or Denzel on Instagram you should start there haha

They are a pair of best friends that talk about everything including but not limited to relationships, fashion, being Black creators. They're not afraid to tell it like it is and you'll be doing a lot of "mmhmm-ing" along the way!

Note: It's only available on Spotify.

You Can't Sit With Us

If you grew up with Buzzfeed then you know the Try Guys. Well now the Try Wives (and Rachel) have their own pod cast where they talk about daily life situations from the perspective of an engaged nurse, 2 moms and a pop culture fanatic. Oddly enough I like listening to this one before bed. It's sort of like a group of California girls talking while sipping lattes only they don't sip lattes. 😅

There you go! My "5" favorite podcasts. If you have a podcast you love lmk! 💜

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