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Please Moisturize Your Hands: Incl. Suggestions for Extra Dry Hands

Yes, in these current times (a global pandemic) we're washing our hands OFTEN! While were washing and sanitizing our hands more often it's important that we moisturize them afterward.

Personally, dry hands is nothing new to me. Growing up I washed my hands for a number of reasons but never really moisturized them. Especially in high school, during bio or chem lab we were dissecting animals, handling toxic chemicals and bacteria, so we WASHED our hands. With all of that washing I still didn't really moisturize until one day I felt the back of my hands hurt and looked to see that they were cracked and bleeding. That's when I realized I needed to moisture my hands.

Over the years I've gone through a number of hand creams, lotions, butters, and very few have actually moisturized my hands. Having gone through so many products that haven't worked I've become really picky about which hand lotions I buy. So picky that I'm only talking about 2 creams today (both under $10) that have effectively moisturized my hands 🙌🏾

This hand cream surprised me with how well it moisturized my hands. When Innisfree opened their store in Union Square I grabbed this cream because at the opening I was grabbing everything in sight! Most lotions will will go on my hands but in 2 seconds any moisture is gone. So after applying this cream, I was surprised that my hands felt instantly moisturized (no greasy feeling at all). Also, at the time I purchased this, I was working in an office so I had several tubes in my desk and a tube in my bag. I still go to this cream every once and a while just to switch it up from my O.G. product below. So if you'd like a moisturizing treat yourself hand cream that's not from that brand that begins with an "L" try this 🙌🏾

Here is the cream that saved my hands! When my hands were cracked and bleeding I knew I need something powerful. Gold Bond is one of those brands that's sort of a house hold name. I don't even think I've seen a tone of commercials from them but I always knew that they meant serious business. So I bought a tube and this product HEALED ME. This cream is thick but not greasy and for my hands they leave my hands feeling smooth, bouncy, and take away any itchiness. Another plus is that your hands still feel moisturized, so there's no need to frequently reapply this product. My first tube was purchased when I was about 15, so fast forward to now, I'm well into my 20s and continue to pick this up time and time again. And yes, I currently have 3 tubes for my vanity and 2 of my bags! (Seriously, they better never discontinue this product 😅)

There's your short and sweet list of effective hand creams! So please remember to, not just now but always, carry a cream so you don't end up like teenage me with bleeding hands 🙏🏾

Note: If your hands aren't so dry you might find these creams a bit too moisturizing but if you're like me, someone with leather palms, these are my saving grace!

If you have a hand cream you swear by comment it below 💜

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