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My At Home Yoga Corner: Everything I Use to Practice at Home

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

As we step in to this new year one thing still holds true (at least in the USA) we're practicing yoga at home most of the time. While you don't NEED the exact props you find in a studio to practice yoga. It can feel nice to own some of your favorite props.

So today I'm sharing with you the exact props I've invested in and why each piece is a staple for my home practice. Hopefully you'll have some inspiration for pieces you'd like to add for your own at home practice:


This is hands down my favorite yoga mat of all time. It grips my leather hands, doesn't crumble onto clothing, absorbs sweat and provides cushion to my knees so they don't feel the ground beneath the mat. Best of all it's 28"x84" so there's more than enough room for my 6'2" self to feel like I can move around on my mat without touch the cold ground beneath it 🙌🏾


I own 4 of these blocks. The sturdy foam isn't so solid that it's painful but just soft enough to not hurt your wrist, thighs or other body parts you're trying to support.


The newest addition to my at home yoga nook, this bolster reminded me why I love using a bolster instead of pillows. It's like 3 firm pillows in one casing. Supportive, comfortable, and versatile.


As someone who gets rashes from wool this cotton blanket is everything. This versatile blanket is large enough to cover me during savasana and folds easily into a seat or cushion for under my shoulders. Size approx. 67"x94"


This quick release buckle 10ft strap supports up to 500lbs. Nuff said haha

Reminder: Once again you don't NEED this stuff to do yoga. You can swap blocks for books, bolsters with pillows, blankets with towels but if you do crave more of that in studio experience maybe you grab some of these props.

Now you're ready for the next time your online instructor tells you to grab your props. Whether they are exactly the same or something similar you have all that you need to support your practice 💜

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