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My At Home Practice Style

Believe it or not, I don't wear what I do in studio at home. Yes, I have a 12 drawer wardrobe for a reason. I enjoy having clothes that meet me where I am. And when I'm home it includes shorts, oversized shirts, and "bras" 🙌🏾

So today I'm letting you know exactly where I get all of my at home yoga fashion:

"Bras" (I prefer wearing crop tanks as bras)

This top is wonderfully breathable and holds me in to carry me throughout yoga and even strength classes. If you have a larger chest I don't recommend this for jumping but everything else feels great! I wear the L/XL.

This cropped tank has perfectly placed stitching that has my chest held and my shoulders comfortable. The actual style of it is really aesthetically pleasing as well. Sometimes even at home I like to feel cute in my clothes. I own the 2XL(XXL).


These are my favorite shorts to wear for my at home practice. If it means anything to you I own 10 pair of these shorts in all the colors they have on their site. I wear a size 2X.

I own their sweat pants in the rainbow magic waters and the sweat shorts in rainbow, black magic waters, and Easter egg so it's safe to say I love these too. They have real pockets, are short without being too short! They also keep my hips warm for restorative practice while being comfortable during a fiery flow. I wear a size 2xl.

Shirts & Sweatshirts

Big Bud Press

Big Bud Press has such a wide variety of colors and sizes it makes it a lot easier for me personally to find some oversized layering pieces that I can take off or add on as my practice sees fit. As an owner of many of their pieces I can tell you that these are built to last. I've sweat in them, relaxed in them, washed and dried them. They still come out looking great every time! If I want to wear my actual size I get a 3xl other wise I go for the biggest they have which is either 5xl or 7xl.

King Size

This is one of my best kept secrets! When plus size clothing designed for people with more of a streetwear style preference became widely available. I always went for the men's big & tall section of stores, grabbed what they had, and made it my own. I've cut clothes, taken fabric pens to them, and have even made clothes for friends. It always began with a "basic" piece from the men's big & tall section. To be honest I've never purchased my actual size, I usually just get a 6XL or 8XL Tall (whichever is the largest) so I can actually feel tiny in something oversized 😅

So there ya go! What I actually wear for my home practice. More cotton less spandex haha

What do you wear for your at home practice? 💜

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