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Morning or Evening Shower: Which Side Are You On?

Here's a blog post no one asked for but I find incredibly interesting. Morning Shower-ers vs. Evening Shower-ers. Back in the days when we were all out and about, we all took sides like an intense football game. Since then we still have our preferences but maybe something has changed over the past year.

Personally, I've definitely noticed a change in my showering pattern. Today I'd like to share with you my showering journey in 3 brief parts. Early Adulthood, Being A Fitness Professional, and Getting Braids/Since the Parmesan Began to Present Day. Let's embark on this journey of morning vs. evening showers together!

Early Adulthood

From childhood until pre-yoga instructor me, I was a morning shower-er. Even when I was sweaty from dance class I would still go to bed without a shower. For some reason I thought that only washing my face was enough before bed but my body was good to go.

Being A Fitness Professional

As someone who sweats for a living, pre-parmesan, I would shower morning and night. Yes I upped my moisturization game showering twice a day EVERYDAY. Showering so often, I began to question why I would even shower in the morning when I was going to sweat in under an hour.

Getting Braids/Since the Parmesan Began to Present Day

This type of questioning finally got an answer when I got knotless braids for the first time in February of 2020. From my first instillation, I realized that the main reason I would always shower in the morning was to re-wet my hair to style it everyday. Braids installed I gradually shifted to being a night shower-er. Once lockdown began I continued to shower at night but mostly when I sweat. Otherwise I've become more of a bi-nightly shower-er.

That brings us to the present moment! Even when my hair isn't in braids, I'm still a mostly bi-nightly shower-er. Only now I have a spray bottle to wet my hair so I don't have to spend so much time in the morning showering.

Note: Yes, I wash my face twice a day because my skincare (face) routine is and always been a twice a day affair.

Enough about me, are you a morning or an evening shower? 💜

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