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Midday SkinCare Routine

As someone that sweats for a living, my morning skincare doesn't last the whole day. Most of the time (at least pre-pandemic) I knew that my midday routine needed to be cleansing, non-stripping, and fast AF. So even though life has slowed down a bit I'm still grateful for this quick midday routine that I use after a super sweaty midday workout.

Tonight, I'm taking you through the steps of my midday routine which include the products I go to each time I need to whip out this routine!

Step 1: Cleanse

After sweating my butt off, the first thing I need to do is clean my face. I go 1 of 2 ways with tackling this first task, depending on whether or not a sink is present and available.

Sink? I use the Origins' Checks and Balances™ Frothy Face Wash, $13-$24. This cleanser is an unexpected favorite of mine. Usually when I'm in Sephora I don't consider "5Origins" to be a brand for me. However, one day I had an associate that was determined to help me find a face wash. The thing is my skin is combo-sensitive, sensitive to most fragranced products and is easily irritated by citric acid which is in almost every skincare product. So by the time the associate showed me this I bought it because I felt bad that they went through so much trouble to help me. Little did I know that after the first wash I would fall in love and it's now one of my go-to cleansers.

No sink? I use Innisfree's Refreshing Cleansing Wipes, $4. These wipes are effective and inexpensive. Normally I try to avoid wiping my face but when push comes to shove these have got my back... I mean face! They clean my skin without stripping it and don't leave a weird residue afterwards.

Step 2: Hydrate

Next, I skip the toner and go straight for hydration. Now this is midday, I don't need a heavy cream so I go for a gel cream. For my skin gel creams are light and give me enough moisture to last throughout the rest of my day until I go in with my evening routine. Usually, I go in with Innisfree's Dewy Glow Jelly Cream, $25. I love the light, jelly texture of this cream and enjoy how it makes me skin feel instantly plump. Another plus is that I have a lot of mini's of this product so it's easy to take with me!

Step 3: SPF

Last but not least is SPF. This is a midday routine meaning there is still more DAY left. That means it's time to re-apply my sunscreen. As always I go in with my Krave Beauty's Beet Shield, $20. I know I need to write a whole post on why I love this brand but this SPF (which we can't technically call it that because FDA approval takes ages) is my GOAT. As I've said in my daytime routine there is no white-cast, the texture is smooth like a cream but not heavy or sticky like most sunscreens, and a little goes a LONG WAY. Personally, I take the same bottle from my counter and throw it in my bag but if you want to get 2 bottles (one for the counter, one for the bag) DO IT!

There you have it! Products for a midday pick me up. Even when you're staying indoors all day feel free to use these tips for your post afternoon workout skin care routine 🙌🏾

If you have favorite products to help you refresh midday, leave them in the comments below 💜

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