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Masks for Large Heads

If you're the type of person that can't fit most hats then you're probably like me and have a larger head. Having a larger head also means that most masks might not make it to the ears and if they do the we'll feel like our ears are about to be sawed off by the loops 😬

Over the past 7 months I've worn many masks. Some have been more uncomfortable than others, a few hard to breathe in because the inner lining blocked my nose. Luckily, after much trial, here are my top 3 masks that are comfortable for my large head:

As someone who's a fan of Uniqlo's Airism for its breathable quality, I knew this would be a face mask I'd like. After putting it on and giving it a gentle pull behind the ears it fits my whole face while staying comfortable. The longest I've worn it was 2 hours and it was comfortable the entire time. A couple aspects I really like are that it comes in 3 sizes/colors so you can find the fit for you, it doesn't slide up my face when I talk, and they wash well. I'm definitely a fan of these masks. So much so that I own 3 packs of the large size in black 😅

A/C Space: Reversible Mask, $12.00-$20.00 (1 Mask)

This was the first "large" mask that I found that was actually large. The seam down the front is similar-ish to a KN95 meaning there's room to breathe without getting fabric up my nose. These masks are also really unique due the fact that the A/C Space uses deadstock fabric to make all of their masks in NYC. This also means each design is pretty limited. For example, while I own the DONUT REVERSIBLE MASK, it is sold out but have no fear, there are other unique designs which you can check out here!

Lastly are my favorite style of disposable masks. The KN94 features a flat front with panels on top and bottom. This allows for the face to be fully covered without any moving around and provides an easy breathing experience. The super stretchy ear loops add extra comfort that my ears always appreciate. Overall it's comfy, breathable, and come in a a pack of 50 at a time!

Note: This is also the only mask on the list with the adjustable nose bridge.

There you go! 3 of my favorite masks that fit my large face AND that I'm able to breathe in 🙌🏾

Washing Tip: Use a delicates bag to wash your washable masks so they don't get caught on anything else. Then hang them to dry and you're good to go!

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