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Maintaining a Work/Life Balance in the Current Normal

As an American living in America during these times. What at first felt like a month long "situation" has turned into a prolonged "new normal". Now while none of this is normal and we should constantly working towards an ACTUAL new normal (that definition needs it's own blog post), we must be in the now.

Currently it can be really easy to blur the lines between work and personal life, especially if work is being done remotely. So today here are 3 major tips on how to build and maintain a work/life balance in 2020 🙃

Set Boundaries Around When You Work

First up is everyone's favorite B-word... okay, second favorite B-word 😅 BOUNDARIES! Now for some setting and maintaining boundaries can be difficult. Personally, I think of them as filters for bullshit that I do not need in my life. So when it comes to work/life balance the important thing to think about is setting boundaries around your work hours and your personal time.

Here are some examples:

  • Set an away message for emails.

  • Set Slack to do not disturb outside of work hours.

  • Mute the friend group chat when you need to.

  • Turn down the zoom party invitation if you don't want to go. (Your friends will learn to understand.)

Find 2+ Hobbies That Bring You Joy

I've seen a lot of messaging around finding something that brings you joy, but honestly I believe having 2 or more is better than one. As we're indoors for prolonged periods of time it's important to have a variety of hobbies so that you can switch up in order to keep some variety in your schedule.

Here are some of mine:

  • Online Dance Classes

  • Taking Yoga Classes (That I don't teach.)

  • Baking (Bread, Cookies, Cake)

  • Phone Games

  • TikTok (This can go for hours, so be warned haha)

Actually Get Some Sleep

This is probably the most difficult. Being indoors for so long can really throw off our sleep schedules. While it's great to sleep in a bit longer, since there might not be a need to commute, it's so much easier to stay up later. Then we go to bed later and wake up later or groggy with an annoying alarm.

So before you break your phone from trying to hit the snooze, here are ways I try to get some sleep:

  • Identify which days I can really sleep in

  • Customize my alarms for each day

  • Put my phone face down when it's time to go to bed

  • Put on a podcast/ASMR to help me fall asleep

  • Make myself into a burrito so I have no choice but to sleep

There you go 3 ways to help you maintain a work/life balance as we navigate and push through 2020!

If you have a favorite way to maintain work life balance feel free to leave it in the comments 💜

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