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Light Layers, Thumb-holes Included!

All year round thumb-holes are a mood, a vibe, and a lifestyle! Especially in athleisure wear having thumb-holes feels like an extra wrapping where you didn't know you wanted it. Like your clothing holds your hand 😊

While it is summertime, I still prefer to have layers or wear long sleeves. In the studio having a layer with thumb-holes can serve multiple purposes:

1. It can feel like a nice barrier between you and the floor during the beginning and end of practice, so you don't feel your sweaty skin touching the ground. 2. Depending on the fabric it can wick away sweat so you're not constantly grabbing a towel as you move.

3. It can help you connect with yourself physically. Whether it be eagle wrapping or a high lunge twist while you're wearing shorts, You can avoid the slippery world of skin to skin contact.

Outside of the studio, it feels odd to have my sweat meet with a summer breeze, so I like that there is a layer keeping me covered until I can get to a shower. Best of all you've given yourself an extra set of pockets too 🙌🏾

So today, I'd like to share 3 outer layers that are in constant rotation in my wardrobe! (All 3 have pockets too!)

This hoodie from Uniqlo is light, breathable, and affordable! Key words to notice on this product are "Airism" and "UV Protection". "Airism" is Uniqlo's line of ultra breathable fabrics that are great for the warm weather. "UV Protection" is what it is, fabric that protects your skin from UV rays. In the summer we tend to wear tanks but not sunscreen which exposes our skin to UV rays so when I have this on I have peace of mind that my skin is protected from the sun to some extent.

Note: The mesh is not see-through. I have gone through many of these hoodies. Since I wear them often, they last me about a year each before I need to replace them. I wear an XXL.

While I've only owned this wrap for a few months I enjoy it so much that it had to be on this list. One of the things I love most is that it comes in different ranges (petite, regular, tall, plus). I wear an XL Tall and that is so important to me. Having sleeves that are long enough so it doesn't feel like my thumbs are loosing circulation feels so nice. My hands feel like cozy paws while my body is in a comfy cocoon!

Note: This fabric is super soft so this isn't something I'd wear all vinyasa class long but for the beginning, end, and meditation I'm all wrapped up in this!

Lastly, is a piece that I treated myself to last year! The Luxtreme fabric is that smooth, not cotton-like, but not shiny, holds you in fabric. Every curve of my body is hugged by this fabric which makes me feel held and almost like I'm standing a little straighter. A couple highlights are that the wrist/thumb-hole portion turns into something like attached mittens when you fold the extra layer of fabric over your hands (which comes handy when it breezy) and the zipper that is also a spare hair tie. Zipping into this jacket is so satisfying and was definitely worth the investment! After a year of use there is no pilling, no seams undone, to be honest, it's holding up really well.

Note: When putting this on after a sweaty class treat the sleeves like tights, bunch it up and unfold it onto your skin. Otherwise it might feel a little like putting back on a wet bathing suit 😅

There you have it! 3 of my favorite layers WITH THUMB-HOLES!

If you have a favorite outer layer or even a top with thumb-holes let me know in the comments 💜

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